Need help getting ahead? These nine lucky cats can help. The further down the pagoda you are, the more likely you are to receive the help of one of these fortunate felines.

Once you have a lucky cat, you have four days to use its ability before it abandons you. Each cat can only help one player at a time, and each player can only have one cat at a time. See How to Play for more information.

Daidaiiro 橙色

He's mellow and even-tempered, preferring to cause minimal disruption.
ability: Gain enough points to be 1 point ahead of the next player.
Example: If the next player above you on the pagoda has 2450 points, your score will become 2451.

Beju 淡黄色

She's finicky, and insists on getting her way.
ability: Choose any other cat to have instead.
You will have only as long to use the new cat as you had with Beju. If you take a cat belonging to another player, they will continue to have good odds of getting another cat.

Momoiro 桃色

She's a lover, not a fighter. She wants everybody to get ahead.
ability: You and all players below you on the pagoda receive 500 bonus points.

Chairo 茶色

She's a brazen thief, quick and ruthless.
ability: Steal half of all points earned by other players on tomorrow's goo.
This remains in effect for as long as the goo is current. Any fractions are rounded down. Bonus points earned for creating a goo are exempt.

Shiro 白

She's sweet and gentle, and the nicest cat of all.
ability: Earn an extra 15 points per goo for the rest of the season.
This effect is cumulative: The second time that you activate Shiro, the bonus becomes 30 points, and so on.

Kiiro 黄色

He thrives on excitement, and loves big jackpots.
ability: Get an instant bonus of 100 points multiplied by your place on the pagoda.
Example: If you are 12th from the top on the pagoda, your bonus will be 1200 points.

Ao 青

She's weird and unpredictable, and possesses psychic powers.
ability: See another player's guess for a current goo before you guess.
This guess may or may not be correct.
with Denise Sawicki (#7), until midnight (ET) on the night of July 29

Kuro 黒

He's a greedy villain, as unpopular as the tax collector.
ability: Steal 100 points from each player above you on the pagoda.

Aka 赤

He loves chaos, and cheats just to see what happens.
ability: Guess again on a goo that you already guessed wrong.
This only works on goos while they are still current. You can also guess again if your previous guess is merely pending.