This is where champions are made. Players earn points by solving celebrity goos. The higher their score, the higher level of this pagoda they occupy. Whoever has the top score on the final day of the season (September 2) will win the game! See How to Play for more information. Click on any player name below for a history of how that player arrived at that score.

The pagoda image is not visible on small screens, but scores are still listed below.

LaVonne Lemler, 4325 points, #1
Justin Woods, 4075 points, #2
Richard Slominsky, 3900 points, #3
Russ Wilhelm, 3837 points, #4
Steve West, 3812 points, #5
Elaine Beckland, 3501 points, #6
Chris Lemler, 3375 points, #7
Jesse King, 3199 points, #8
Joanna Woods, 2975 points, #9
Samir Mehta, 2800 points, #10
Matthew Preston, 2750 points, #11
Aaron Shurtleff, 2250 points, #12