Gothic Earth is a tabletop RPG run semi-weekly by Scott Hardie in Bradenton, Florida. It's the year 1899, and humanity is at a turning point, moving from an old age of superstition and mystery into a new age of technology and science. A paranormal evil menaces the world, and only a few brave heroes are equipped to stop it. These are their adventures.

Latest Chapter

Grover's Mill

Grover's Mill

A conqueror named Matai Shang attacked Earth, forcing the group to travel to Mars to fight back, and leading to revelations about Gant.

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Current Heroes

Elise LeBlanc

New York Journal reporter
played by Kelly Hardie Go »

Caleb Lonergan

famous escape artist
played by Jeff Coopes Go »


homeless adolescent
played by Aaron Shurtleff Go »

Deke Bishop

soldier and sharpshooter
played by Wes Bryant Go »

Gant Harrington

Oxford astronomy professor
played by Jeremiah Poisson Go »