These charts list which players were present for which game sessions. Click on any name or game session for more information.

First Group

Aidan Kane, Alexandria Knight, Celio Parisi, Elise LeBlanc, John Sheppard, Katerina Petrovich, and Lawrence Tate joined.

Second Group

Aidan Kane and Celio Parisi left.

Gao and Jacques LeBeau joined.

Third Group

Jacques LeBeau and Katerina Petrovich left.

Fourth Group

Fayt Leigngod joined.

Fifth Group

Fayt Leigngod and John Sheppard left.

Sixth Group

Caleb Lonergan and Lyon Omen joined.

Seventh Group

Alexandria Knight and Lawrence Tate left.

Gant Harrington joined.

Eighth Group

Lyon Omen left.

Elijah Ivy and Sagesse la Roque joined.

Ninth Group

Deke Bishop and Vic Breslin joined.

Tenth Group

Elijah Ivy and Vic Breslin left.

Nannuraluk joined.

Eleventh Group

Gant Harrington left.

Twelfth Group

Marmaduke joined.

Thirteenth Group

Nannuraluk left.

Group Membership

This chart shows which characters belonged to the group at the same time, regardless of player attendance.