categories: Mundane and Rogue
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

This attribute allows the character to have one or more alternate identities set up. These may be legal identities with all the official documents, or they may be alternate lives with separate residences and acquaintances, or they may even be virtual identities with no attachment to the physical world. This is even true of a superhero who has a public set of acquaintances and possessions, and a different set for his or her "secret identity." The point is that the character can assume a different, fictional identity whenever needed or desired. The alternate identities are assumed to be completely mundane, with no special access, privileges or power. If the character does have something valuable in an alternate identity (such as Organizational Ties or Personal Gear), it must be purchased as an attribute.

For 1 point per level, the identities must be maintained regularly or they will cease to exist. This is especially true of relationship-based alternate identities, since a person who disappears without contact can lose his or her friends. For 2 points per level, the identities do not deteriorate over time. This is ideal for a criminal who has set up some alternate identities as a cover in case he needs to evade the law, but won't use them until needed. Feel free to develop the alternate identities as much as desired.

Level One: The character has 1 alternate identity.
Level Two: The character has 2 alternate identities.
Level Three: The character has 3-4 alternate identities.
Level Four: The character has 5-7 alternate identities.
Level Five: The character has 8-12 alternate identities.
Level Six: The character has 13-20 alternate identities.