categories: Mundane and Social
optimal stat: Soul
6 levels, 2 points per level

A character with this attribute has an unusual, instinctive empathy towards animals. On a successful Soul check, the character can befriend an otherwise hostile or even ferocious animal. For example, this would allow a character to get past a police dog or guard dog. Utilizing this ability requires the character to behave in a calm and friendly manner; a friendship cannot be made if the character (or his companions) have already attacked the animal.

The GM can apply difficulty penalties or bonuses to the check based on the character's actions and the situation, such as if the animal is especially fierce or very loyal to its owner, or if the character just saved the animal from some nasty fate. If the attempt fails, the animal might attack, threaten, or merely slink away, depending on its nature. A second attempt is not possible within a short period of time. If an animal is befriended, it will let the character (and non-hostile companions) approach it, and will not attack or act aggressively unless it or the members of its pack or family are threatened. At the GM's discretion, it may be affectionate enough to want to follow behind the character or somehow assist him or her.

An animal that has been befriended simply likes the character. Actual training of the animal takes time, and may require the Animal Training skill. Half of the character's level in Animal Friendship may be added to the Animal Training skill when attempted to train a befriended animal.

Level One: Can befriend 1 animal.
Level Two: Can befriend 2-3 animals.
Level Three: Can befriend 4-6 animals.
Level Four: Can befriend 7-10 animals.
Level Five: Can befriend 11-15 animals.
Level Six: Can befriend an entire group of animals.

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