categories: Body Modification, Mundane, and Social
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power or metamorphosis forms

This attribute reflects physical attractiveness. A character lacking points in this attribute is considered to be of average appearance. A character with the attribute may be described as "cute" instead of simply attractive; a cute character will usually inspire affection rather than romantic desire. The GM should have the character's level of Appearance influence the way that NPCs initially react to the character. This attribute may raise Art of Distraction, and it also gives a +1 bonus to Etiquette, Performing Arts, Persuasion, and Seduction per level.

Level One: The character is moderately attractive.
Level Two: The character is quite attractive.
Level Three: The character is very attractive.
Level Four: The character is extremely attractive. +1 to Art of Distraction attempts.
Level Five: The character possesses legendary beauty. +2 to Art of Distraction attempts.
Level Six: The character possesses unparalleled beauty. +3 to Art of Distraction attempts.

Appearance is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 3
Deke Bishop, level 1
Sagesse la Roque, level 4, Light-skinned, auburn hair, pale green eyes, 5'6