categories: Movement
optimal stat: Soul
6 levels, 3 points per level

The character can leave his or her real body behind, in a trance or asleep, and travel in the form of a second, ghostly, astral body. According to some psychic theories, everyone has an astral body, but only certain individuals can detach this body from its physical form.

The astral body is normally invisible and can only be seen by other astral travelers or individuals with special senses, such as Sixth Sense. The astral body is intangible, and can pass through walls or other solid objects, walk on air or water, or perform similar ghostly feats. A character's astral body cannot affect the material world in any tangible way, including making a physical attack. An astral character can interact normally with another astral character, however.

Most attacks will pass through an astral body without harming it. An astral character is vulnerable to non-physical attacks such as Exorcism, Mind Control, Telepathy, and any Special Attacks that use the Affects Incorporeal ability. The Astral Projector may also use these attacks on solid individuals, but each such attack costs 5 EP in addition to any EP cost the attack normally has. Any damage or other injury that is somehow inflicted upon an astral body will apply to the original body as well.

An astral body moves at the character's normal speed, although it can also levitate or move through water or space. If the character has other movement-related attributes (such as Speed or Flight) that grant faster than normal speed, his or her astral body can also utilize them. A character with high levels of Astral Projection can make his or her astral body travel faster than his or her normal speed. This also applies to other forms of movement. When an astral body is moving at a multiple of the character's normal speed, the "normal" world blurs and he or she cannot clearly perceive objects or entities that are not astral. For example, in game terms, this means a character traveling at 10 times normal speed could rapidly move from place to place through the astral plane, but would have to slow down in order to explore a particular area. A character can always choose to use Astral Projection at a lower level (moving slower than the maximum speed), if desired. If the character succeeds a soul check with a variable penalty, his or her astral body may be able to cross inter-dimensional barriers that would otherwise be impassable, such as one-way Dimensional Portals.

A character's astral body may not carry anything "real" with it, but will appear clothed. It may also have a consistent but different appearance than the character's normal body. This may be because the astral body is a reflection of a true, future, or idealized form.

If the character wishes to awaken from his or her astral-traveling trance, the astral form reunites instantly with his or her material body. There is no stat check or delay.

Level One: The astral body moves at the character's normal speed.
Level Two: The astral body moves at 2 times the character's normal speed.
Level Three: The astral body moves at 10 times the character's normal speed.
Level Four: The astral body moves at 100 times the character's normal speed.
Level Five: The astral body moves at 1,000 times the character's normal speed.
Level Six: The astral body moves at 10,000 times the character's normal speed.

Astral Projection is taken by this character:
Gant Harrington, level 3

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