categories: Miscellaneous
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power or magic spells

This attribute is sometimes acquired by supernatural creatures, such as vampires, werewolves, flesh-eating zombies who can "pass on their curse" to others, or alien monsters that lay eggs inside their living victims. The character can use this attribute to voluntarily or involuntarily transform other people into entities like himself or herself. The method should be specified when the attribute is first taken. It might be similar to myths behind the vampire legend, that the character's blood carries a "plague" that, when ingested, mutates the person over a matter of hours or days. Alternatively, the character might lay an egg or seed (real or metaphorical) in the body of his or her prey, which will later hatch within the victim, killing him or her as a new monster is born. The character might even need to perform some special ritual that alters its victim. Whatever the case, the conditions under which the victim can become "contaminated" must be specified.

For 1 point per level, the contamination is difficult. For instance, the victim must be willing, unconscious, or restrained in order for deliberate contagion to occur, or the target must perform an unusual activity (such as deliberately eating a morsel of the character's flesh). For 2 points per level, the contamination is easy. The contagion might be similar to a traditional werewolf attack, where a single scratch or bite results in a victim becoming a werewolf. The GM can add special conditions, limitations, or effects to ensure that becoming a monster is a curse and not a blessing.

The higher the level of Contamination, the faster the transformation occurs. There should always be some means of curing or delaying the eventual mutation, however. Possible cures include the death of the demon who caused the Contamination, radical surgery, blood transfusion, or a successful mystical healing. It is ultimately up to the GM (usually with input from the player) as to whether a PC who is transformed into a monster will retain its identity and free will, or if it will become an NPC and/or puppet of the contaminator. (When this attribute is successfully used on a victim, its level is usually added to any attempt to Mind Control the victim afterwards.)

Level One: The transformation occurs over several months.
Level Two: The transformation occurs over several weeks.
Level Three: The transformation occurs over several days.
Level Four: The transformation occurs over several hours.
Level Five: The transformation occurs over several minutes.
Level Six: The transformation occurs over several rounds.