categories: Movement
optimal stat: Soul
6 levels, 3 points per level

This attribute allows the opening of a hole or doorway into another "pocket dimension." This power is sometimes possessed by demons, fairies, or even vampires. Mages often create dimensional portals leading from closets or doors into other places. In sillier variations, Dimensional Portal can also represent the ability some characters have to suddenly produce big items (like huge hammers or swords) seemingly out of nowhere. A dimensional portal could also represent an object that is "bigger on the inside than on the outside."

The level of Dimensional Portal determines the size of the pocket dimension, which may range from suitcase-sized to that of a city (or even larger). The environment and furnishings of the dimension are up to the player, within the GM's limitations. Extensive furnishings should be acquired as Personal Gear. A pocket dimension could even be partially unexplored or dangerous territory where characters could adventure.

The cost of Dimensional Portal is 2 points per level if it is limited to a single fixed portal (such as a house closet), 3 points per level if it is in a mobile location (such as inside a vehicle, an item, or fixed to a living being), or 4 points per level if the character can use a particular class of objects to access the dimension (such as "any mirror" or "any pool of water"). A character can usually only have a single portal opened to his or her dimension at a time, but additional apertures to the same dimension may be possessed for one extra CP each.

Once opened, a portal stays open for as long as the creator is in the pocket dimension. The creator may also be able to "leave the door open" if he or she wishes to allow individuals to enter or leave when the creator is not present. In the case of a portal acquired with Magic, opening it burns EP and holding it open also burns the same amount of EP every minute.

Dimensional Portals may optionally be designated as only one-way, restricting access in or out until the character maintaining them is destroyed, or some other condition is fulfilled. This attribute may be taken multiple times to give access to multiple different dimensions. If so, it may be taken at different levels for each individual dimension. Some characters may have the exotic ability to suck or warp unwilling targets into their own pocket dimension; to do this, link Dimensional Portal to a Special Attack.

Level One: The dimension can be as large as a suitcase.
Level Two: The dimension can be as large as a closet.
Level Three: The dimension can be as large as a room.
Level Four: The dimension can be as large as a house.
Level Five: The dimension can be as large as a city block.
Level Six: The dimension can be as large as an entire city (or even larger).

Dimensional Portal is taken by these characters:
Elise LeBlanc, level 4, The Manor
Gao, level 2, Any suitcase

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