categories: Perception
optimal stat: Mind
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power

This attribute allows a character to remember a specific scent and recognize it later. Memorizing a scent takes about one minute (roll a mind check if there isn't enough time), and recognizing it later requires a mind check. However, the character must be able to actually smell the scent, which means that this attribute is most useful for animalistic characters or those with a powerful sense of smell already. While the main use of this attribute is tracking by scent, it is also useful for identifying impostors. A character who takes this attribute should have the scents he or she has memorized listed in the Notes section.

Level One: The character can only recognize the scent of a person well-known to him or her (family, close friend, etc).
Level Two: The character can recognize the scent of anyone whose scent has been memorized.
Level Three: The character can recognize the scent on a person's clothes, or something that was in their close presence for an extended time.
Level Four: The character can recognize the scent in a location where the person has been for at least ten minutes within the past week.
Level Five: The character can recognize the scent in a location where the person has been at any time within the past year.
Level Six: The character can recognize a scent on any object or location in the character's presence, as well as determine how long it has been since the character was in that presence.

Discriminatory Smell is taken by this character:
Gao, level 4

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