categories: Magic
optimal stat: Soul
3 levels, 5 points per level
not available to items of power

This attribute grants the character the ability to cancel magical spells and conditions. The effect must be activated consciously, and takes one turn to perform. This attribute may be taken as a magic spell in and of itself, or may just be an innate ability.

Dispeling magic requires a successful Soul check. If the magic effect or its original spellcaster is of an especially powerful nature, the GM may impose a negative modifier on the roll to make it more difficult. If the Soul check fails, the character must wait 24 hours before trying again to dispel that particular magic effect.

Some spells may produce unexpected side effects when dispeled or when one attempts to dispel them, by the design of the spellcaster.

Level One: The character can cancel only one specific magic effect that s/he knows about, once per turn.
Level Two: The character can cancel every magic effect in the immediate vicinity, even ones that s/he is unaware of.
Level Three: As with level two, except that the canceled effects cannot be re-cast for at least one hour.

Dispel Magic is taken by this character:
Elise LeBlanc, level 1

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