categories: Holy
optimal stat: Soul
2 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

A character with this attribute is able to bless ordinary items. Holy water is the most common example, but bullets and buildings are also sometimes sanctified, and other ordinary objects can also be blessed if desired. Living beings can only receive a blessing willingly.

This blessing can have various deleterious effects on demons, vampires, zombies, and other unholy creatures of Gothic Earth, usually extra burning damage but other effects are possible per the GM's discretion. Other effects are also possible depending on the plot, such as a blessed person having some protection against demonic possession. Effects are too varied to list here and consistency is not guaranteed.

Ideally, the character's background should explain how the ability to bless originated, such as the character being a priest. The character does not have to be Christian and the ability does not require ordination; it can be inborn or come from other means.

Blessing an object takes one turn. Success does not require a dice roll except in very unusual circumstances, such as the object already being sealed against blessing. The object must be within the character's field of vision. Multiple tiny objects can be blessed simultaneously if there is a way to bind them together, such as a box of bullets.

Level One: The character can bless small objects, such as anything that could fit onto a dinner plate.
Level Two: The character can bless large objects, including people and buildings up to the size of a cathedral.

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