categories: Holy and Psychic
6 levels, 3 points per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

Characters with this ability are capable of sudden epiphanies showing them the way forward. These may take the form of divine signals, psychic premonitions, sudden flashes of genius-level insight, or anything else suitable to the character.

Regardless of what form they take in the story, the epiphanies are always played the same way: The GM gives a written hint to the player controlling the character, at the player's request. No roll is required. The request can only be made once per game session.

Since there is no "right" way to play the game, this attribute is not about revealing to the players what they're "supposed" to do. Its intended purpose is to restore plot momentum when players become stumped about their next move.

The hint might pertain to the current objective of the character, showing them the next step towards accomplishing the goal. It might also take the character on an unrelated tangent that they might not have experienced otherwise.

The hint given by the GM may be cryptic or clear, depending on the current situation in the plot. The higher the level of the attribute, the longer the hint will be, thus making the hint less ambiguous and more immediately actionable.

Level One: The hint is a single word.
Level Two: The hint is two words.
Level Three: The hint is three words.
Level Four: The hint is four words.
Level Five: The hint is five words.
Level Six: The hint is six words.

Divine Guidance is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 6, receive a four-word hint per game session
Gant Harrington, level 2, receives a hint of X words per game session