categories: Perception
optimal stat: Mind
5 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

Characters with this ability have a "perfect recall" when it comes to information that they've learned. Everybody can read a novel and remember details about the story, but these characters can remember the entire book virtually word-for-word. A roll is not usually required unless the character is trying to remember under high duress or there are other unusual circumstances. The character must have properly taken in the information in the first place; ie. they must read the book start to finish, not just pick it up and thumb through the pages.

Each level allows the character to remember one of these kinds of information with vivid, perfect clarity, for an unlimited length of time:
- Text and numbers.
- Visual imagery, like how a room looks.
- Audio information, including speech, music, and ambient sound.
- Logic, such as machinery workings, chess positions, or order of steps in complicated magic rituals.
- Life events, what they did every day of their life.

Level One: The character can recall 1 kind of information.
Level Two: The character can recall 2 kinds of information.
Level Three: The character can recall 3 kinds of information.
Level Four: The character can recall 4 kinds of information.
Level Five: The character can recall 5 kinds of information.

Eidetic Memory is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 1, text and numbers
Gant Harrington, level 3, Visual imagery, Logic, Audio information
Sagesse la Roque, level 3, life events, Visual Imagery, Logic

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