categories: Body Modification
optimal stat: Body
2 levels, 3 points per level
not available to items of power

The character can stretch or contort his or her limbs and/or body to a superhuman degree.

Level One: The character has great flexibility in one or two body parts, such as both arms, his or her torso (like a snake), or his or her neck. In the case of a flexible torso, the character can use it to constrict others or slither through smaller-than-usual openings. In the case of flexible extremities, the character can extend them outwards, giving him or her greater than normal reach. The character receives +1 to AV/DV when wrestling.
Level Two: The character's entire body possesses inhuman flexibility. He or she can stretch limbs and other body parts, transform them into tentacles, and literally tie his or her body in knots. The character receives a +2 to AV/DV when wrestling.

Elasticity is taken by this character:
Caleb Lonergan, level 2

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