categories: Environmental
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power

The character can affect environmental conditions such as light, heat, darkness or weather. This is most appropriate for characters with magical abilities to control a particular element or facet of nature such as sorcerers, demons, and spirits. If a character wishes to perform multiple effects (for example, control light AND darkness), he or she should add the point costs of all effects together to calculate a combined effect cost per level. Use "plus points" to create the actual point cost of the attribute.

Light: The character can illuminate an area with light as bright as a sunny day on Earth. Light control costs 1 point/level.

Darkness: The character can summon smoke, fog, darkness, or the like to enshroud an area, blocking normal vision. Darkness control costs 2 points/level if the character can create total darkness that completely obscures light sources, or 1 point/level if the darkness is only partial.

Silence: The character can block out sounds within the area of effect. It costs 1 point/level to create a barrier that prevents anyone outside from hearing sounds coming from within or vice versa, or 2 points/level to create a zone of silence where no sounds can exist.

Temperature: The character can alter temperatures in the area from arctic cold to desert heat. If the character wishes to produce heat or cold sufficient to start fires or instantly freeze someone solid, acquire the Special Attack attribute. Temperature control costs 1 point/level if the character is limited to either increasing or decreasing temperature, or 2 points/level if he or she can do both.

Weather: The character can alter the weather to create or still weather conditions of various sorts such as breezes, winds, rain, snow, fog, or storms. For weather that is reasonable for the local climate, the area affected depends on the character's level as shown below. For weather that is abnormal (rain in a desert, snow in a hot summer) or violent (lightning storm, blizzard, hurricane), the character's level is treated as one less for purposes of area affected or two less if both violent and abnormal. If this would reduce the level below 1, the effect cannot be produced. For focused attacks, like lightning bolts or tornadoes, use the Special Attack attribute. To produce precise effects or keep abnormal or violent weather under control, the GM may require a Mind stat roll with a penalty based on the area (thus, -4 if affecting a large area) and a bonus equal to the character's level (thus, +6 if level 6). It will often take several rounds for weather to build up or disperse. Abnormal weather effects will return to normal soon after a character ceases to use this Attribute. Weather control costs 2 points/level if general in nature, or 1 point/level if very specific (such as, "rain making").

Maintaining Environmental Control requires a slight amount of concentration: the character can perform other actions while doing so, but can only affect one area at any given time. The size of the environment the character can control is determined by the character's level.

Level One: Affect a small area (like a room).
Level Two: Affect a modest area (like a house).
Level Three: Affect a local area (like a neighbourhood or village).
Level Four: Affect a regional area (like an entire city).
Level Five: Affect a large area (like an entire county).
Level Six: Affect an entire region (like a state, province or small country).

Environmental Control is taken by this character:
Gao, level 1, Light control

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