categories: Miscellaneous
6 levels, 5 points per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

This powerful attribute lets a character steal elements of another character, such as knowledge and attributes. It is assumed that the thief must touch the victim and concentrate (ie. not do anything else that turn), that the effects last only ten turns, and that the victim is unharmed and unchanged in the process. However, these factors can be altered by adding or subtracting points from the total cost of the attribute to create unique factors that govern the power just for that character, for example that the power is activated by eye contact (add points) or that the thief's identity is temporarily lost in the process (subtract points). Thought must be given to every element of the attribute, such as whether the thief can "turn off" the ability when desired, and whether he or she can remember the experience afterwards. Any player who intends to take this power for his/her PC must consult the GM first to determine a fair number of points to add or subtract. Essence Thief should be developed as a somewhat unique attribute for each character who possesses it.

This attribute costs five points per level. Each level allows the thief to take one of the following elements of the victim. Items and clothing cannot be copied. Stolen facts (under "mental essence") are the only things that are retained indefinitely after being stolen.
- The physical essence, including the Body stat and the appearance of the victim (such as the face).
- The mental essence, including the Mind stat and all facts known by the victim (excluding skills).
- The spiritual essence, including the Soul stat and the personality of the victim.
- Attributes and defects, all at once. To steal just one specific attribute or defect at a time, or to steal the attributes without stealing any defects, spend extra points.
- Skills, including specializations.
- Health, including hit points (added to existing HP) and general state of health.

Level One: The thief may steal one element of the victim.
Level Two: The thief may steal two elements of the victim.
Level Three: The thief may steal three elements of the victim.
Level Four: The thief may steal four elements of the victim.
Level Five: The thief may steal five elements of the victim.
Level Six: The thief may steal six elements of the victim.

Essence Thief is taken by this character:
Gao, level 1, Attributes - Steal All Attributes, No Defects, Must Maintain Physical Contact