categories: Body Modification
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power or magic spells

The character possesses various secondary abilities that grant useful but mundane advantages outside of combat. Examples may include night vision, a nictating membrane (for underwater vision), a general homing instinct, tolerance of extreme temperatures, a marsupial pouch, or a soft layer of fur. Devices might also have technological features that enhance their performance.

This attribute is not necessary when any feature is too trivial (GM's discretion) to be worth spending points, or when the feature is already ubiquitous (headlights on a vehicle, for instance). It is also not necessary when the ability is already covered by other attributes, though with the GM's permission the character can have such a feature in a decorative sense without gaining any definite advantage from it. For instance, a thick layer of fur would have to be acquired as Light Armor to actually protect the character from harm, but a light layer of fur that was merely decorative could be purchased with Features. All features should be approved by the GM.

Level One: The character possesses 1 minor feature.
Level Two: The character possesses 2-3 minor features.
Level Three: The character possesses 4-6 minor features.
Level Four: The character possesses 7-12 minor features.
Level Five: The character possesses 13-20 minor features.
Level Six: The character possesses 21-50 minor features.

Features is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 1, night vision
Deke Bishop, level 1, Night vision
Elise LeBlanc, level 1, Nightvision
Sagesse la Roque, level 1, Night Vision

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