categories: Movement
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 4 points per level
not available to items of power

A character with Flight can fly through an atmosphere. The method of flight varies: wings, fixed wings with jets or propellers, rotors, rockets, anti-gravity, hot air, psionic levitation, magic, or some other technique.

Flight costs 4 points per level if the character can hover and fly at variable speeds, take off and land vertically, and stop in mid-air. This is the most common type of flight possessed by characters. Decrease the attribute cost by 1 point per level if the flyer cannot hover, but instead flies like a normal airplane. Thus, it needs a smooth surface for landing and take off, and must maintain a minimum speed (one tenth of its maximum speed) once airborne in order to avoid crashing.

Two options are available for Flight that limit the attribute's utility in exchange for a reduction in point cost. They are mutually exclusive, and the minimum cost of the attribute remains 1 point.

Skimmer: The character is limited to skimming no more than a yard or two off the ground or water. He or she may be riding on a cushion of air, magnetic lines of force, resisting the earth's gravity at a fixed rate, or even traveling along magical lines. This reduces the total point cost of Flight by 1 point.

Glider: This means that the flyer can only become airborne if she or she launches from a high place, like a tree or rooftop, or from a fast-moving vehicle. Additionally, he or she can only gain speed by diving, or gain altitude by riding thermals. A glider with 4-6 levels of Flight may glide down from orbit to a smooth landing. This reduces the total cost of Flight by 2 points.

Level One: Very slow flight, like a bird (up to 50mph).
Level Two: Slow subsonic flight, like a helicopter (up to 125mph).
Level Three: Fast subsonic flight, like a WW2 fighter (up to 400mph).
Level Four: Transsonic flight, like a jetliner (up to 775mph).
Level Five: Supersonic flight, like a jet fighter (up to 1500mph).
Level Six: Triplesonic flight, like an SR71 Blackbird (up to 3200mph).

Flight is taken by this character:
Sagesse la Roque, level 1, up to 50 mph

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