categories: Mundane
6 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

Flunkies hang around the character, doing whatever he or she wants and never asking for anything in return. They can provide a character with more free time ("Got some chores for you, my faithful friend..."), can keep the character safe from danger ("Quickly! Interpose yourself between me and that rabid wolf!"), or can simply make the character's life easier ("My shoe is untied. Fix it!"). Flunkies aim to please, even at their own expense. They are also known as groupies, stooges, or toadies. They are not warriors (take Servant for that); they may not take offensive actions in combat, only defensive. Though they are owned by the same player as the character who controls them, they function as NPCs in the game, and the GM always has overriding control of their behavior. They are not built in detail, but may be said to have certain mundane attributes as needed.

Level One: The character controls 1 flunky.
Level Two: The character controls 2 flunkies.
Level Three: The character controls 3 flunkies.
Level Four: The character controls 4 flunkies.
Level Five: The character controls 5 flunkies.
Level Six: The character controls 6 flunkies.

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