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6 levels, 3 points per level

A Force Field is an energy field around the character that protects against incoming attacks. Force Fields can represent magical barriers, telekinetic shields, or technological "screens." A typical Force Field is different from armor, since it can be battered down by a sufficiently powerful attack. A Force Field can be "up" or "down." When down, it does not stop any damage. When up, it is often invisible (GM's option) or faintly glowing. Force Field status must be determined at the start of the character's actions for the round and cannot be changed until his or her turn to act in the next round.

Attack damage is first applied to the Force Field, with any additional penetrating damage applied against armor. Thus, if a weapon hit successfully penetrates a Force Field, armor can still protect against it. A Force Field can be reduced or even knocked down by a sufficiently powerful attack. If an attack does more damage than the Force Field prevents (even if the rest of the damage is absorbed by armor), the Force Field temporarily loses one level of effectiveness (as per the level chart). The character can only regain levels if the field is down and regenerating. A Force Field recovers one level every round it is turned off and not in operation ("down"). A Force Field that is knocked down to zero levels automatically shuts off to regenerate.

The cost is 4 points per level if it is an area Force Field that is extendable to protect others nearby, 3 points per level if it only protects the character, or 2 points per level if it is a two-dimensional wall (up to 10 square yards) that acts as a barrier. Use "plus points" to adjust the cost appropriately.

A wall can be projected out to a distance of up to 5 yards away from the character. An extendable Force Field can be assumed to cover a diameter out to about 25% more than the character's longest dimension. (For example, the Force Field of a six-foot human would be about eight feet across.) A personal Force Field is form-fitting. All types block movement through the field who anyone who is not incorporeal or astrally projected. If a character with an extended Force Field also has any version of Flight (including space travel), the GM may allow the character to carry other people who are inside the Force Field with him or her while flying.

A Force Field can be given additional customized abilities and disabilities. Each ability taken reduces the protection provided by 15 points, while each disability raises the protection by 15 points.

Force Field Abilities:

Blocks Incorporeal: The field prevents the passage of astral or incorporeal beings through it.

Blocks Teleport: A character cannot Teleport into or out of the field.

Field-Penetrating: The Force Field can be used to interpenetrate other Force Fields while making attacks (or moving through them). If the character's Force Field is in direct contact with an enemy Force Field, and can stop more damage than the foe's, the enemy's field is neutralized and offers no protection against the character's attack. In the case of an extended field or wall, the character can actually move through the field.

Multiple Types: Normally, the Force Field can only be one of the three types (expandable, personal, or wall). To be able to create Force Fields of multiple types, pay for the attribute at the highest level that you want to be able to create (3 points for personal or 4 points for expandable), and then take this ability for the option to create lesser types.

Offensive: The shield delivers a powerful electric or energy shock to anyone who touches it. The damage is 10 points for every level of the Force Field. This counts as two abilities.

Reflective: Any ranged attack fired at the Force Field that does not overpower it is reflected back at the attacker, who must make a DV check to dodge his or her own attack. This does not apply to melee attacks. This counts as two abilities.

Remote: Normally, the character with the Force Field attribute is the one protected by it. With this ability, the Force Field can be projected onto another person, up to 5 yards away, whether they are willing or not. Only one Force Field can be created at a time. With this ability, the recipient can move around and the Force Field will travel with them; for the creator to overrule this and move the Force Field with their own mind and/or pin it in place with the victim trapped inside, this counts as two abilities.

Force Field Disabilities:

Both Directions: The Force Field blocks attacks moving in any direction, both inwards and outwards, thereby preventing the user from attacking when the Force Field is up. This means that when the Force Field is is active and the user makes an attack, the Force Field will affect the attack the same as it would an attack from the outside. This disability cannot be used with the Shield Only disability. If paired with the Remote ability, so that the Force Field is 1-way when containing the PC but 2-way when trapping an NPC, it counts as an ability instead of as a disability.

Limited: The field has a major or minor limitation. Examples of a minor limitation would be a field that is effective against ranged attacks but not melee, one that offers full-strength frontal and rear protection but only half-strength protection from above, one that is unstable in certain types of environments (such as sub-zero temperatures or in water), or one that requires one minute to reach full strength. Examples of major limitations would be a Force Field that prevents the character from taking any actions during operation, or one that only works against a very specific type of damage (such as fire). A minor limitation counts as one disability, while a major limitation counts as two disabilities.

Shield Only: The field does not entirely surround the character. Instead it is a small shield that the user can deliberately interpose between himself/herself and an attack. If the user barely failed a DV check against an attack (the roll was missed by one), the character is assumed to have interposed the shield. The attack strikes the character, but the Force Field's armor value is first subtracted from the damage inflicted. If the user misses a DV check by two or more, he or she was unable to interpose the Force Field, and it offers no protection. This disability may only be taken with the personal version of Force Field (3 points per level). It counts as two disabilities.

Static: The character cannot move when generating the field. He or she may still attack or otherwise act, but must stay in one place (or continue to drift if floating through space, continue to fall if falling, etc).

Uses Energy: The Force Field drains energy points from the character. The field requires twice as many EP to activate as the point cost of the attribute, plus the same amount per minute to maintain. This is not available for Force Fields acquired with the Magic attribute since they already burn EP.

Visible: The Force Field glows (player's choice for the color) and is easily noticed when in use. It remains translucent, so it's possible to see what the person inside is doing.

Level One: The Force Field stops 15 damage points.
Level Two: The Force Field stops 30 damage points.
Level Three: The Force Field stops 45 damage points.
Level Four: The Force Field stops 60 damage points.
Level Five: The Force Field stops 75 damage points.
Level Six: The Force Field stops 90 damage points.

Force Field is taken by this character:
Deke Bishop, level 2

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