categories: Mundane and Offensive
optimal stat: Body
7 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

The Gunslinger attribute allows a character to perform over-the-top feats involving firearms, bows, throwing weapons, or other ranged weapons. Each level gives the character one Gunslinger ability, allowing the players to customize their character's gun-related talents.

Dead Eye: The dice-roll penalties are greatly reduced when the character fires at pinpoint targets such as partial armor, weak points, or vital spots, or when the character shoots at longer-than-usual ranges. This ability is useful for snipers and assassins. Each penalty is reduced by 3 (to a minimum of 0).

Lightning Draw: The character can draw a gun from a holster, pocket, or jacket and fire in the same round without penalty. Otherwise it requires one combat round to ready his or her weapon.

One Bullet Left: The character will always have a single bullet remaining in his or her gun when it should normally have run out of ammo, even after an extended fire fight. The bullet may be used as the character chooses.

Portable Armory: The character will always have easy access to any weapon required for a particular task, including illegal weapons and accessories not available to the general public. The actual weapons and accessories must still be acquired via the Personal Gear attribute, but remarkably, the character can always access them when needed instead of being forced to return to where they are normally stored. Characters with Personal Armory may also make field modifications to their weapons at any time, instead of having to bring them to a workshop or gun shop.

Steady Hand: This helps the character shoot while on a moving vehicle or otherwise engaged in complex stunts. This greatly reduces the penalties a character normally suffers for firing from a moving vehicle, while performing acrobatics, otherwise being in motion. Each penalty is reduced by 3 (to a minimum of 0).

Two Gun: The character can effectively shoot two pistols (or throw two knives, or use two of any other one-handed ranged weapons) at once against the same or different targets. The character uses the normal rules for two weapons, but the penalty for doing so is reduced by 3 (to a minimum of 0).

Weapons Encyclopedia: The character has the ability to recall the vital statistics and important quirks of practically all known ranged weapons. This includes, but is not limited to, its general level of reliability, as well as all vital statistics like ammunition capacity, caliber, model year, possible outfitted accessories, et cetera. Characters without this ability will only have such information on weapons they actually own or use regularly, and will need to successfully roll a Military Sciences (Hardware Recognition) skill check to recall important details. In addition, Weapons Encyclopedia also includes knowledge on acquiring weapons, so characters will have a -3 bonus on any checks needed to locate or buy weapons, legal or illegal.

Level One: The character has one Gunslinger ability.
Level Two: The character has two Gunslinger abilities.
Level Three: The character has three Gunslinger abilities.
Level Four: The character has four Gunslinger abilities.
Level Five: The character has five Gunslinger abilities.
Level Six: The character has six Gunslinger abilities.
Level Seven: The character has seven Gunslinger abilities.

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