categories: Group-Oriented
6 levels, 3 points per level

Characters with this Attribute can heal another individual's injuries and, at high levels, repair massive trauma such as lost limbs or organs. (See Regeneration for healing one's own injuries.) Healing can only be performed on a willing or unconscious subject. It requires full concentration on the part of the healer.

A character with Healing level 4+ can restore someone whose HP reached zero within the past few minutes. One with level 5+ can cause a subject to regenerate lost body parts or organs, such as a severed hand. One with level 6 can restore massive damage, such as putting a character together who was literally cut in half. No healer can repair someone who was blown to bits, disintegrated, or dead for more than a few minutes, however.

Level One: Heals 2hp per turn.
Level Two: Heals 4hp per turn.
Level Three: Heals 6hp per turn.
Level Four: Heals 8hp per turn. Can heal from 0hp.
Level Five: Heals 10hp per turn. Can restore limbs.
Level Six: Heals 12hp per turn. Can heal massive injuries.

Healing is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 1, heals 2hp per turn
Gant Harrington, level 1, heals 2hp per turn

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