categories: Body Modification, Defensive, and Mundane
6 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power or magic spells

The character is heartier and more resilient to injury than his or her stats would indicate.

Level One: Adds 10 HP.
Level Two: Adds 20 HP.
Level Three: Adds 30 HP.
Level Four: Adds 40 HP.
Level Five: Adds 50 HP.
Level Six: Adds 60 HP.

Hearty is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 4, +30 HP
Deke Bishop, level 2, +20hp
Elise LeBlanc, level 4, +30 HP
Gant Harrington, level 2, +10 HP
Gao, level 2, +20 HP
Sagesse la Roque, level 1, +10hp