categories: Body Modification and Defensive
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 4 points per level
not available to magic spells

Heavy Armor represents armor plates or simply skin that is super-resistant to damage. Heavy Armor acts to reduce damage that is inflicted on the character. If a character has Heavy Armor, he or she is assumed to have an obviously armored body: scales, metal, magical protection, etc. Heavy Armor normally reduces the damage of an attack by 10 points per level.

A number of options are available for the Heavy Armor attribute, which alter the point cost or modify its effectiveness.

Partial: The armor has a thin area (half armor value, -1 to point cost) or an unarmored area (no armor value, -2 to point cost) that can be targeted using a called shot. Point cost reductions apply to the total cost of Heavy Armor, not the cost per level.

Hidden Armour: This armor is not obvious. It only stops 40% as much damage (4 points per Level), however.

Optimized Armor: The Armor is focused against a particular uncommon attack form. Eligible attack forms include Electricity, Cold, Laser Beams, Fire/Heat, etc. It provides doubled protection against that attack form only, and no protection against other forms. A character can acquire both optimized armor and ordinary armor. The minimum point cost of Heavy Armor, regardless of options, is 1 point. A character can combine Light and Heavy Armor to produce intermediate values.

Level One: All damage reduced by 10 points (4 points if Hidden).
Level Two: All damage reduced by 20 points (8 points if Hidden).
Level Three: All damage reduced by 30 points (12 points if Hidden).
Level Four: All damage reduced by 40 points (16 points if Hidden).
Level Five: All damage reduced by 50 points (20 points if Hidden).
Level Six: All damage reduced by 60 points (24 points if Hidden).

Other Defensive and Body Modification Attributes

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