categories: Rogue
optimal stat: Soul
2 levels, 5 points per level
not available to items of power

This attribute makes the character impossible to see. The character might possess supernatural camouflage, or a psychic or magical ability that causes observers to overlook him or her.

An invisible character cannot be spotted, but may be detected by other means such as smell or sound. An invisible character may also leave artifacts in ordinary sight like moving through wet or muddy ground (leaving footprints or making splashes in puddles). If an invisible character gives away his or her general position (for example, by firing a gun or shouting), he or she can be attacked, but there is a -2 penalty for anyone within melee range and -4 for anyone at a greater distance. The penalty may be ignored at melee range if the attacker has Heightened Sense (hearing or smell), or the Weapon Master ability "Blind Fighting." The penalty is halved (round down) if using an area or spreading attack on the invisible character; the GM may also rule that the character may be caught by such attacks even if not aimed directly at him, or if they are aimed by guesswork.

Level One: The invisibility requires full concentration. The character must be stationary or moving very slowly (no faster than a slow walk). While invisible, the character may not attack or do anything else that requires concentration; if the character does so, he or she reappears and remains visible until his or her turn to act in the next round.
Level Two: The character can be invisible at all times, even while attacking and doing other things that require concentration.

Invisibility is taken by these characters:
Elise LeBlanc, level 2
Sagesse la Roque, level 2

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