categories: Movement
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

With this attribute, the character can make very high vertical jumps or far horizontal leaps, but cannot actually fly. This ability is very appropriate for martial artists and bouncy non-humans like cat-people.

Level One: The character can jump up to 5 feet high or 10 feet across.
Level Two: The character can jump up to 10 feet high or 20 feet across.
Level Three: The character can jump up to 25 feet high or 50 feet across.
Level Four: The character can jump up to 50 feet high or 100 feet across.
Level Five: The character can jump up to 100 feet high or 200 feet across.
Level Six: The character can jump up to 500 feet high or 1000 feet across.

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