categories: Magic
optimal stat: Soul
6 levels, 4 points per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

A character with the Magic attribute has the ability to manipulate arcane energies to produce a specific set of effects that seemingly defy physical laws. When choosing this attribute, the player should discuss the character's magical nature with the GM and give specific names/descriptions to the spells. It is possible to have an arbitrary collection of powers with no uniting theme, but a consistent theme is preferable, so as to better define the character. Some common themes include:
- Elemental magic such as mastery over traditional elements like wind, water, or fire, or less traditional "elements" like darkness, ice, the moon, or even love.
- Spells or powers that involve contacting or controlling natural spirits (shamanism) or the dead (necromancy).
- Black magic, involving destructive forces or evil or negative energies.
- Magical powers with an exotic or whimsical theme such as a set of abilities whose "special effects" all relate to tarot cards, flowers, cats, or pretty much anything else.
- Psionic abilities that produce psychic effects such as Telepathy, Telekinesis, or Precognition.
- Ki-based magic, where the character focuses his or her inner spirit through martial arts training to produce various exotic attacks and abilities.
- Divine powers granted by a deity to a priest, priestess, or other holy individual.
- Legendary powers innate to a magical entity such as a fox spirit's ability to change shape or possess people, or the myriad powers of a vampire.

Level One: The character receives 10 points to spend on magical powers.
Level Two: The character receives 20 points to spend on magical powers.
Level Three: The character receives 30 points to spend on magical powers.
Level Four: The character receives 40 points to spend on magical powers.
Level Five: The character receives 50 points to spend on magical powers.
Level Six: The character receives 60 points to spend on magical powers.

A character with the Magic attribute receives 10 points per level. Power points may be used like attribute points to acquire individual attributes (but not to raise stats or buy skills). Attributes acquired via Magic are designated "magical spells" and represent the extent of the character's magic. A magical spell is used just like an ordinary attribute, except that each time the character uses it, he or she must perform an invocation and expend energy points (EP). This can represent casting a spell, concentrating on his or her inner ki, focusing a psychic power, and so on. For fun, each magical power can optionally be given its own descriptive name or special effects when cast. When a character takes magical powers, they should be listed and described completely in the notes. Multiple attributes can be combined into a single spell for the appropriate number of points.

An invocation normally involves a short verbal incantation or magic phrase combined with gestures, and should take one action or turn to perform. Thus, the character must be able to speak and have his or her hands free in order to perform it, though there are ways to avoid this (see below). If the power is offensive in nature, the character must make his or her attack strike as part of the set of gestures.

The EP cost of a spell is the point cost to take the attribute at that level with those modifiers. If it would normally cost 16 points to purchase the attribute that way, it would cost the magician 16 EP to cast it as a spell. If the spell has a duration, the points must be spent every minute in order to keep the spell active. Maintaining a spell requires no special concentration, but if the spell is not maintained or if the points run out, it will cease to function and need to be invoked all over again when next needed. (To conserve EP, a character may cast a spell at a lower level than the one available, however.)

The character's Magic may even be further customized by applying one or more of the following options to each of the spells. (Each spell may have its own combination of options.)

Focus: In order to invoke a magical spell that was given the Focus option, the character requires a special tool. This may be a talisman, magic wand, or other device, or a set of exotic "spell components" such as the traditional eye of newt or wing of bat. The Focus must be rare, exotic, unique, expensive, or otherwise difficult to replace. A magical spell that requires a Focus costs half as many EP to invoke (round down). The EP required to maintain the magic spell are unaffected.

Ritual: Invoking a magical power that has this option requires a special ceremony taking several minutes to several hours to perform. However, the EP required to invoke the power and maintain it are halved (round down). If the character is interrupted during the Ritual, or does anything other than concentrate on it, the character must make a successful Soul check to keep going. If not, the Ritual fails and the character must begin again if he or she wishes to invoke the power. If a Ritual is interrupted at the last minute (when nearly complete) and the character fails the check, the GM may optionally have it go out of control, producing an undesirable or disastrous effect rather than simply failing. The magnitude of the disaster will depend on how powerful the magic spell is, and will usually be somehow related to what the character was trying to achieve.

Silent: A magical spell that has this option does not require magic words. A Silent power costs twice as many EP to invoke (but not to maintain). This option is very common for innate or psychic powers.

Still: A magical power that has this option does not require any gestures or motions. A Still power costs twice as many EP to invoke (but not to maintain). Again, this option is very common for innate or psychic powers.

Magic is taken by these characters:
Elise LeBlanc, level 1
Gao, level 2, Breathless(Environmental Resistance Lv2), Ki Punch(Special Attack Lv4[Diminishing Range/Static/Affects Incorporeal](45 damage)), Jump(Lv3)

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