categories: Environmental
2 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

The character can Meld his or her body into a particular object, effectively merging with it. Meld is very appropriate for characters such as nature spirits (for example, a tree spirit who can meld with her tree). It is also a common attribute of demons or ghosts, who might meld with an object (such as a book, mirror, portrait, or sword) or a person. The character has no physical control over the host.

At 2 points per level, the character is limited to melding with a particular class of inanimate objects only, such as earth, books, dolls, snow, trees, statues, swords, et cetera. At 3 points per level, the character can meld with any inanimate object in the surrounding environment. At 4 points per level, Meld can be applied to animate things, including people and animals. Use "plus points" to adjust the point cost appropriately.

It takes one round to meld into or out of an object. Once merged, the character cannot be harmed unless the object is destroyed, in which case the character is released. The GM may rule that the character also takes whatever damage the object sustains while merged. Only exotic means (such as Telepathy or Sixth Sense) will be able to detect a character that has Melded with something. Exorcism will work on a character who has Melded with an object or person.

Level One: The character has no sensory abilities within the object, although he or she will be aware of the passing of time.
Level Two: The character's normal senses extend out of the object. Thus, he or she can spy on other people. The character may also use any psychic abilities (Mind Control, Telepathy, etc) that he or she possesses to affect anyone touching the host object and, if the host is a living thing, the host itself.

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