categories: Body Modification
6 levels, 3 points per level
not available to metamorphosis forms

Physical transformations are a part of many cultures' folklore. Sorcerers, witches and demons may know how to transform others, usually through powerful magic.

The Metamorphosis attribute allows a character to transform either himself OR someone else into a completely different form. A character can normally only perform a single, very specific type of transformation. For example, he or she may be limited to turning into a cat, or into a werewolf. A character may know additional transformations for 2 character points each, provided they are at the same (or lower) level of Metamorphosis. If the character can transform both himself and other people, add an extra 2 character points to the total cost.

For each level of Metamorphosis, the transformation grants the victim an extra 5 points to spend on attributes, but the character retains all of the attributes and defects he already has. Thus, a human with Regeneration who transformed into a gargoyle might gain wings, fangs, and other features he did not have before, but he would still have Regeneration. In addition to spending the points on additional attributes, an alternate form may have its own set of defects, which allow for even more points. A complete list of all the character's new attributes and defects in his alternate form should appear in the Notes section of the character sheet.

When this ability is used on unwilling victims, a Soul check is required, but the level of Metamorphosis may be subtracted from the roll. Also, the victims may try to make a Soul check to prevent it. If the current environment would be painful to the alternate form (such as sunlight to a vampire), the victim gets a +3 bonus to the Soul check. If the environment would be fatal to the alternate form (such as open air to a goldfish), or if the victim would become an inanimate object, the victim ges a +6 bonus instead. Note that the person using Metamorphosis has to touch the victim to make it work; to use this as a ranged attack, it must be Linked to a Special Attack. When used on victims, there is always a specific trigger that can restore them to their normal forms (in addition to another use of Metamorphosis), and this must be defined before the attribute is used. (It may simply be a time limit.) The GM may decide the appropriateness of the trigger. Transformations take one turn to perform.

Level One: The alternate form has an additional 5 points.
Level Two: The alternate form has an additional 10 points.
Level Three: The alternate form has an additional 15 points.
Level Four: The alternate form has an additional 20 points.
Level Five: The alternate form has an additional 25 points.
Level Six: The alternate form has an additional 30 points.

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