categories: Psychic
optimal stat: Mind
6 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

This Attribute allows the character to mentally dominate another individual. Sorcerers, some psionic adepts, and monsters with hypnotic powers (such as many demons or vampires) are among those likely to have Mind Control.

Mind Control costs 4 points/Level if it can be used on anything with a mind (humans, animals, monsters, etc). It costs 3 points/Level if it works on broad categories ("all monsters" or "any male" for example). It costs 2 points/Level if the category is more specific and less useful ("wolves" or "people obsessed with beauty"). Regardless of what kinds of creatures can be affected, Mind Control costs 1 less point per level if limited to a single type of control, such as inducing a particular emotion (like love or anger) or a mental state (like fear or forgetfulness). Use "plus points" and "minus points" to adjust the point cost appropriately.

Mind Control requires the character employing it to be able to see (or failing that, touch) his or her subject to establish the initial control. It counts as an attack, but, instead of an attack dice roll, it requires a successful mind check (if attacking multiple targets, roll only once). The character receives a modifier of +1 for every level the character has in excess of the minimum Level required to perform that particular feat of Mind Control (see below). If the attack roll was successful, the target gets a defensive mind check to resist, at -1 per level in excess of the level needed.

Once Mind Control has been established, it remains until the dominating character willingly relinquishes control, or when either the aggressor or the victim is rendered unconscious. (Sleeping has no effect.) A character need not control every thought and action of his or her victims but can allow them to live normal lives. People who have been mind-controlled may not remember events that occurred during the time period they are controlled and have a gap in their memories (GM's discretion).

A character with Mind Control is always limited in the number of individuals he or she can control at any one time (whether this control is passive or active). If the character wishes to control a person in excess of this number, he or she must first free someone who is already under control. In the case of Mind Control against swarms of insects or the like, the GM may consider a single swarm to be an "individual."

The GM may allow a character to temporarily boost his or her Mind Control attribute by one level against a single individual who is his or her captive by "working" on the subject for a day or more. This bonus can represent concentrated brainwashing techniques or dedicated study of a subject.

Level One: The character possesses little Mind Control ability. He or she can give simple, non-aggressive suggestions, which will be followed. A non-aggressive suggestion is defined as one to which the target is not strongly opposed (GM's option).
Level Two: The character possesses moderate Mind Control ability. He or she can give complex, non-aggressive suggestions. Additionally, brief events can be erased from a victim's memory.
Level Three: The character possesses good Mind Control ability. He or she has the capabilities of Level 2 but can also give aggressive suggestions. An aggressive suggestion is defined as something that someone is normally opposed to doing such as attacking friends or giving away money. Alternatively, he she can control 2-6 people, simultaneously or sequentially, using non-aggressive suggestions only.
Level Four: The character possesses great Mind Control ability. He or she has the capabilities of Level 3 and can give aggressive suggestions to a small group (2-6 people) simultaneously or sequentially.
Level Five: The character possesses extreme Mind Control ability. He or she has the capabilities of Level 4 and can give aggressive suggestions to large groups (7-20 people) simultaneously or sequentially.
Level Six: The character possesses primal Mind Control ability. He or she has the capabilities of Level 5 and can give aggressive suggestions to a very large group of people (21-50) simultaneously or sequentially.

Mind Control is taken by these characters:
Caleb Lonergan, level 3, give complex aggressive orders to 1 person, or simple non-aggressive orders to up to 6 people, or erase brief memories
Sagesse la Roque, level 3, give complex aggressive orders to 1 person, or simple non-aggressive orders to up to 6 people, or erase brief memories

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