categories: Psychic
optimal stat: Mind
6 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

A character with Mind Shield is protected against mental intrusions. This may be a reflection of his or her own psychic abilities, a protective spell, special training, or some innate ability. A character with Mind Shield can detect and block attempts to read his or her mind by a character with Telepathy at an equal or lower level as the Mind Shield. The character may also get a bonus (level*2) when defending against any mental attack, even one relating to Special Attack.

Level One: +2 bonus to resist mental attacks
Level Two: +4 bonus to resist mental attacks
Level Three: +6 bonus to resist mental attacks
Level Four: +8 bonus to resist mental attacks
Level Five: +10 bonus to resist mental attacks
Level Six: +12 bonus to resist mental attacks

Mind Shield is taken by this character:
Deke Bishop, level 2, +4 to resist mental attacks

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