categories: Body Modification and Offensive
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power or magic spells

The character has one or more relatively mundane natural weapons, such as sharp teeth, claws, tentacles, et cetera. Natural weapons are normally possessed by animals, monsters, and similar characters. The character possesses one such attack form per level. Possessing more than one such natural weapon gives the character a wider variety of attack forms, and since the weapons are a part of the character's body, it is impossible to disarm him or her without inflicting a great deal of focused damage. To strike with any of the following involves the Unarmed Attack skill. Natural weapons are assumed to be always armed, but they can be retractible for an extra 1 point, and take one point to "arm" like any other weapon.

Claws or Talons: The character possesses sharp talons or spikes on his or her fingers, paws, or feet. In addition to regular damage, the claws inflict 5 additional damage points when applicable.

Fangs, Beak, or Mandibles: The character has very sharp teeth, or alternatively, a beak or insect-like mandibles. This natural weapon inflicts only 2 points of damage above normal, but a successful strike that penetrates armor gives the character the option to maintain a biting grip and continue to inflict equivalent damage in subsequent rounds. These additional attacks are automatically successful, but the opponent can break the hold with a successful DV roll. While the attacker is maintaining a biting grip, his or her own ability to defend is impeded; the attacker cannot use weapons to defend, and suffers a -3 defense penalty against any attack made by a third individual.

Horns: These are large horns for butting or stabbing. Horns add 2 extra points of damage to normal damage in melee combat but are exceptionally effective if the character charges into battle. If the character can make a running start, he or she can lower his or her head and charge. A successful attack will deliver normal damage, plus 10 (rather than 2) damage. If a charge fails to connect, the charging character will be off-balance and suffers a -1 penalty to defense rolls for the rest of the round.

Spines: The character is covered in nasty spikes, quills, or sharp scales. Anyone who wrestles with the character automatically takes damage equal to the character's AV each round. During these struggles, the opponent's clothes will also usually become ripped and shredded. When the spiky character strikes someone in unarmed combat, the spines add 5 damage (not AV damage).

Tail Striker: If the character has a useable tail (this requires the Extra Limbs attribute), it can be equipped with spikes, a stinger, or other similarly nasty weapon. The attack inflicts +2 damage for an unmodified tail, or +5 damage for a tail with a spike or other sharp weapon.

Tentacles: One or more of the character's limbs, or possibly his or her hair, are actually tentacles. A character with tentacles gains a +2 bonus when wrestling.

Damage applied from Natural Weapons is cumulative with that from other attributes, such as Super Strength. Hands, feet, a light tail or one that the character cannot manipulate, ordinary teeth, and hooves are not normally counted as Natural Weapons because they don't inflict any extra damage.

Level One: The character possesses one natural weapon.
Level Two: The character possesses two natural weapons.
Level Three: The character possesses three natural weapons.
Level Four: The character possesses four natural weapons.
Level Five: The character possesses five natural weapons.
Level Six: The character possesses six natural weapons.

Natural Weapons is taken by this character:
Gao, level 1, Spines-Retractable