categories: Environmental and Holy
optimal stat: Soul
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power, magic spells, or metamorphosis forms

A Place of Power is a "home base" or lair that is infused with magical or holy energies. It might be a shrine, magical circle, a sacrificial altar, a ring of standing stones, or something less traditional. The place usually radiates good or evil energy, and a nearby character with an appropriate Sixth Sense can detect its nature.

While within his or her Place of Power, the character has access to a pool of energy points, 15 per the level of the attribute. While inside that Place of Power, the character can draw on these EP as if they were the character's own. Once used, the EP replenish at the rate of 1 per level per hour.

Several characters may share the same Place of Power, but only if they all take the attribute and specify that place. While this option does not reduce the attribute's cost, it can provide greater convenience. Each character sharing the Place of Power has his or her own separate pool of EP at that place! A character who has not taken this attribute and specified that place will not be able to draw on the extra EP. Additional places of power can be obtained by adding 1 point to the cost of the attribute for each, but only at or below the same level as the original.

At the GM's discretion, a Place of Power may also offer additional advantages. In particular, one usually exerts a subtle, long-term, emotional influence on people who live in or near it, which may be positive if the owner is a good person or negative if the owner is evil. In addition, individuals born or raised in a Place of Power are more likely to develop supernatural abilities.

Places of Power are usually stationary locations. For a portable place of power such as a charm circle, it must take at least one full turn per level of the attribute for the character to set it up, or one minute of game time if outside of combat. The character is preoccupied during this time and cannot take other actions or defend.

Level One: The Place of Power is the size of a small rug and provides 15 EP.
Level Two: The Place of Power is the size of a small room and provides 30 EP.
Level Three: The Place of Power is the size of a large room and provides 45 EP.
Level Four: The Place of Power is the size of a house and provides 60 EP.
Level Five: The Place of Power is the size of a city block and provides 75 EP.
Level Six: The Place of Power is the size of several city blocks and provides 90 EP.