categories: Psychic
optimal stat: Soul
2 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

The character occasionally has premonitions that foretell a possible event in the future, usually as a warning of approaching danger. This attribute is appropriate to characters with natural danger sense or psionic abilities, but it can also represent a person who uses learned techniques such as astrology or spells to divine the future.

Premonitions may occur in dreams, while the character is awake, or perhaps when the character uses some form of fortune-telling focus such as tarot cards. The visions will rarely be very detailed but may provide a useful clue or warning. The timing, nature, and content of precognitive divinations are up to the GM. Characters with the Recurring Nightmares defect may have trouble telling a frightening premonition from a bad dream, or may suffer the same premonition over and over again. The nature of the premonitions may vary greatly; some may allow the character to interact with the vision as if present, while others may be only a fleeting glimpse of an image.

The GM always decides how useful or vague a premonition will be and should use this ability to provide useful clues to make an adventure more interesting. For example, the GM may choose to give the character a useful answer but one that relates to a later adventure rather than the current one. Precognition is a tricky thing, and often misleads those who rely on it.

Level One: The character has no control over the premonitions. They occur arbitrarily.
Level Two: The character can consciously induce a premonition, through means such tarot card reading, staring into a fire, throwing rune stones, or reading a horoscope. This cannot be done more than once per game session. If the character concentrates and succeeds on a Soul check, the premonition will be somehow related to the character's current situation, though not necessarily specific ("what will happen when I open that door?"). If the character does not wish to concentrate this way, or if the Soul check fails, the premonition will still occur but may be about any subject in the future.

Precognition is taken by this character:
Gao, level 1

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