categories: Perception and Psychic
optimal stat: Soul
8 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

The character has the ability to detect things that are hidden to normal senses. There are eight categories, and the attribute grants one category per level. The character can attempt to use the attribute at any time, and it is sometimes triggered automatically, requiring a Soul check (with appropriate modifiers) whenever activated. If the Soul check fails, the character cannot attempt it again unless something changes about the situation that would make a second try likelier. Depending on the situation, the character may or may not be able to tell the precise source of the phenomenon; it may register as an exact person or object, or it might be vaguely "in the vicinity."

Detect Evil: The character can sense powerful evil emanations from things like serial killers, demons, or evil haunted houses. In addition, when a less evil entity is actually performing an evil act, the character may briefly sense that something is "very wrong."

Detect Magic: The character can sense when magic is being used, or detect magical Items of Power. This also applies to psychic effects such as Telekinesis and Telepathy.

Detect Red Death: The character can tell when the supernatural force known as the Red Death is in the vicinity, or has affected someone or something in the vicinity.

Detect Virtue: The character can sense powerful good emanations from things like angels, saints, or the like. In addition, when an ordinary person performs a very good act (such as an act of great charity or self-sacrifice to save others), it will briefly "register."

Empathy: The character can detect srong, powerful emotions radiated by individuals in his or her presence.

Sense Spirits: The character is particularly sensitive to ghosts, demons, and similar entities, as well as anyone who is astrally projected. He or she can sense them even if they are using Meld, Supernatural Disguise, Metamorphosis, or Invisibility to disguise their presence.

Sense Surveillance: The character can tell when he or she is being watched, eavesdropped upon, or otherwise directly monitored, as well as the direction of the observer. Abilities that merely determine the location of the character, such as Interpersonal Magnet, are not counted as surveillance.

Sense Truth: The character can detect when someone is knowingly telling a lie.

Level One: The character's Sixth Sense extends to one category.
Level Two: The character's Sixth Sense extends to two categories.
Level Three: The character's Sixth Sense extends to three categories.
Level Four: The character's Sixth Sense extends to four categories.
Level Five: The character's Sixth Sense extends to five categories.
Level Six: The character's Sixth Sense extends to six categories.
Level Seven: The character's Sixth Sense extends to seven categories.
Level Eight: The character's Sixth Sense extends to eight categories.

Sixth Sense is taken by these characters:
Deke Bishop, level 2, Sense Truth, Sense Surveillance
Elise LeBlanc, level 3, Magic, Spirits, Truth

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