categories: Rogue
optimal stat: Body
6 levels, 3 points per level
not available to metamorphosis forms

Supernatural Disguise is the ability to alter one's looks without changing one's apparent species. It allows a person to disguise himself or herself as someone else instantly, but it does not let a person transform his or her body into a significantly different, larger or smaller form. Aside from permitting a change of gender and small changes in height and weight, its other changes are completely cosmetic, conferring no additional abilities on the character. For instance, a human man could change into an elf (complete with pointed ears but without any better hearing) but could not transform into a centaur or a giant.

It normally takes one round to change. A changed shape can be held indefinitely (unless acquired through Magic, in which case it requires Energy Points to sustain), but the character usually reverts to his or her own form if knocked unconscious or killed. Sixth Sense may also be able to detect Supernatural Disguise.

Supernatural Disguise normally costs 2 points per level and grants the individual the power to change himself or herself as described above. If the character can use the attribute to change another person instead, it costs the same. This can be useful for disguising friends or cursing foes with ugliness or warts. If it can be used to change both the character and other people, it costs 3 points per level. If Supernatural Disguise is limited to a single type of change (e.g., from male to female), it costs 1 point less.

If capable of being used on others, Supernatural Disguise normally only affects a single willing subject whom the user must touch; for ranged attacks, it must be Linked to a Special Attack. For this to be used as an attack against unwilling persons, it requires a Soul check success for the user and a Soul check failure for the victim. A character who has Supernatural Disguise might also take the Involuntary Physical Change defect.

Level One: The character can induce minor physical changes such as eye, skin, or hair color, as well as altering tiny body features. He or she may also alter apparent age by about 20%. The character may lower his or her Appearance, or increase it by up to one level.
Level Two: The character can induce significant physical changes such as altering gender, apparent age (by up to 50% either way), apparent height (by up to 10%), and apparent build (from skinny to obese). The character may increase or decrease Appearance by up to two levels.
Level Three: The character's outfit changes to look suitable to the disguised form, without conferring additional bonuses. Carried objects transform with the outfit and cannot be used until the character returns to normal form. If the change is involuntary, the only way to keep an object from changing is to drop it before transformation.

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