categories: Psychic
optimal stat: Mind
6 levels, 3 points per level
not available to items of power

The character can concentrate on an object and move it without physically touching it. Characters with the ability to magically control a particular element (earth, water, etc.) may also use Telekinesis to reproduce their particular ability.

A character using Telekinesis can lift an object or group of adjacent objects and move it at walking speed or manipulate it with the dexterity of a human hand. Telekinesis works over a close distance (up to five yards) at full strength, but effective strength declines by one level if used over a short distance (up to 50 yards), or by two levels if used at a medium distance (up to 500 yards). The weight that a character can lift depends on his or her level.

The character can also levitate an object and have it strike another peson as if it were a short-range thrown weapon. The weight that Telekinesis can lift is reduced by a factor of 10 when throwing an object hard enough to inflict damage. For example, a character who could telekinetically lift and carry up to 1000 pounds would be able to telekinetically hurl up to 100 pounds at a target. This is treated as a normal ranged attack and thus requires AV and DV checks. Damage depends on the weight of the object hurled: 10 points per level. The same damage applies to the object as to its target.

A character who uses Telekinesis to grab another person and throw him or her uses the same procedure, but this requires a successful AV check to "grab" the person, in addition to the AV check required to hit the target with him or her. If attempting to disarm a character with Telekinesis, the subject should be allowed a body check to retain the weapon, with a penalty of -1 per the level of the opponent's Telekinesis. The character with Telekinesis cannot move his or her own body directly (that requires Flight), but certain tricks can be used to accomplish the same effect, such as using Telekinesis to move a large object on which the character is standing (accounting for the character's own weight on top of it).

If the character has a more restricted form of telekinesis, reduce the point cost by 1 point per level. This restricts the character to telekinetically moving, manipulating, or sculpting a particular type of matter only. Some examples include air, earth, metal, water, and wood.

Level One: The character can lift up to 2 pounds. (This is typical of ghosts, who typically can only manipulate very light objects. It can be used to push buttons, knock objects over, and cause other minor effects.)
Level Two: The character can lift up to 20 pounds.
Level Three: The character can lift up to 200 pounds (a person).
Level Four: The character can lift up to 2000 pounds (a car).
Level Five: The character can lift up to 20,000 pounds (a large truck, fully loaded).
Level Six: The character can lift up to 200,000 pounds (a house).

Telekinesis is taken by these characters:
Elise LeBlanc, level 5, Terrakinesis, lift 20,000 pounds, throw 2000 pounds
Gant Harrington, level 5

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