categories: Movement
6 levels, 5 points per level
not available to items of power

Teleport enables the character to transport himself or herself instantly from place to place without crossing the intervening space. It is a common ability for psionic characters and not unusual for sorcerers and various super-beings.

Teleporting is only possible if the character has visited the intended destination or can clearly see or otherwise sense the destination. Accidentally teleporting into a solid object may be fatal or simply cause a failed teleport at the GM's option. A character can carry anything while teleporting that he, she, or it could normally carry.

Teleporting is much quicker than any other means of travel, however, it is often risky. A mind check should be required to perform a teleport beyond a "safe" distance. Failure means the character ends up in the wrong place (GM option) and his or her power burns out for hours or days. The maximum distance that the character can teleport in a single jump is shown below.

Teleport normally costs 5 points/level and grants the individual the power to transport only himself or herself. If the Teleport can be used by the character only to teleport another person instead, it costs the same. If it can be used to teleport the character AND to teleport other people, it costs 10 points/Level. If capable of being used on others, Teleport normally only affects a single willing subject whom the character must touch. It is up to the user where to teleport the subject. For it to be used as an attack against unwilling persons or at a distance, the Special Attack attribute with the Linked ability must also be acquired.

Level One: The maximum teleportation distance is 500 feet, while the safe distance is 1 yard.
Level Two: The maximum teleportation distance is 1 mile, while the safe distance is 10 yards.
Level Three: The maximum teleportation distance is 10 miles, while the safe distance is 100 yards.
Level Four: The maximum teleportation distance is 100 miles, while the safe distance is 1000 yards (1/2 mile).
Level Five: The maximum teleportation distance is 1000 miles, while the safe distance is 10,000 yards (5 miles).
Level Six: The maximum teleportation distance is 10,000 miles (anywhere on Earth), while the safe distance is 100,000 yards (50 miles).

Teleport is taken by this character:
Deke Bishop, level 1

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