categories: Environmental
6 levels, 2 points per level
not available to items of power

This attribute allows a character to transform a non-living object (or set of connected objects, like a worn outfit, or a gun and its ammunition) into something else.

Transmutation costs 4 points/level if the character can transmute any kind of object. It costs 3 points/level if the character is limited to a general class of objects such as "metal" or "weapons" or "clothing" or "food." It costs 2 point/level if the transmutation is limited to a very specific category such as "regular clothes to battle costume" or "lead to gold" or "spoiled food to edible food." (Use "plus points" to adjust the point cost appropriately.) The GM is free to restrict any categories that seem overly broad or too powerful. The degree and utility of the transmutation varies by the character's level as shown below.

Transmutation cannot create new things outside the character's experience. The character could transmute something into a book, but the content would have to be something with which he or she was already familiar. Likewise, a character who had no familiarity with guns could not create one using Transmutation. The GM may choose to require a Mind stat check (with any relevant skill check) if the character attempts a particularly complex transformation. Failure may indicate the transformed object does not work properly. This is especially applicable when transforming objects into complex technological devices. As a rule, Transmutation is only able to create objects that could be classed as Personal Gear. It cannot create magical Items of Power.

Objects that are transmuted will generally remain transmuted for a few minutes to a few hours before turning back to their original form. Transmutation is a very powerful ability, and the GM may also set additional limits to ensure that its utilization does not unbalance the game. Please consult the GM with your plans for your character's abilities.

Transmutation works only on objects that the character can hold in his or her hands and which are not under another's control. To gain the ability to transmute other objects at a distance, the character must also acquire Special Attack with the Linked ability.

Completing a transmutation typically takes one turn. Practiced experts can transmute an object instantly, allowing them to use it in the same turn, as with Lightning Draw. This costs 1 extra point (overall, not per level).

Level One: Can transmute objects into other related ones as long as the mass remains about the same. For example, it could transmute a pistol bullet into a rifle bullet, a suit into a dress, or make spoiled food edible again. The power's effectiveness is limited to transmuting items into mundane items of Personal Gear.
Level Two: As Level 1, but it extends to Minor Items of Personal Gear.
Level Three: As Level 2, but it extends to Minor or Major Items of Personal Gear.
Level Four: As Level 3, but the character can transform unrelated objects that are only very loosely related. For example, he or she can transform a metal clock into a gun (as both have metal in them) or a lump of coal into a diamond (both are carbon), but not a pair of boots into a gun or lead into gold (different elements).
Level Five: As Level 4, but the character can transform objects that are not related, as long as they have the same general mass. He or she could turn a lump of coal into a golden crown.
Level Six: As Level 5, but the character can transform totally unrelated objects of drastically different relative masses (up to 100 fold). For example, he or she could transmute a big pumpkin into a stagecoach.

Transmutation is taken by this character:
Gao, level 1

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