categories: Body Modification and Offensive
6 levels, 1 point per level
not available to items of power

A character with this attribute is capable of forming a weapon that isn't there. This can be mystical like a spell or ki power, technological like a hologram or nanites, or even something else like a psychic talent for projecting force in the shape of a weapon. Regardless, the weapon takes a traditional weapon form, such as a sword, gun, whip, knife, or even a "natural weapon" like talons or horns. Combine this with Special Attack to give the weapon supernatural qualities, and with the appropriate weapon skill to enhance the character's ability to hit with it.

The weapon appears on command, taking one turn to materialize. Add one point total (not per level) if the weapon can be summoned instantly, not requiring a turn to materialize.

If the weapon fires projectiles like bullets, it is assumed to use real bullets requiring the character to purchase ammunition. For the gun to generate its own bullets and not need reloading, add 1 point per level for the number of rounds that the gun is capable of generating per turn. For example, if this attribute is taken at third level and the character wants to generate two rounds per turn (to use this with Extra Attacks), add 6 plus points.

Once the weapon materializes in the character's grip, it stays there until the character chooses to let go, at which time it dissipates. The weapon cannot be hidden on the character's person like in a sheath or holster, nor can it be handed to another character. If the character is forcibly disarmed in battle by an enemy, the weapon dissipates and must be re-formed, taking one turn unless the character has spent 1 point for instant materialization. If the weapon is not hand-held, such as Natural Weapons, then it stays on that part of the body until forcibly or voluntarily removed.

This attribute assumes the ability to form only one kind of weapon. To create multiple weapon types, add 1 point per type. They all inflict the same damage regardless of type.

Level One: The weapon does 3 damage.
Level Two: The weapon does 6 damage.
Level Three: The weapon does 9 damage.
Level Four: The weapon does 12 damage.
Level Five: The weapon does 15 damage.
Level Six: The weapon does 18 damage.