Please refer to How to Play for overall information about attribute use in the game. At the bottom of this page, find groupings of attributes into sets.


This attribute represents a character's resistance to aging... Go »

Alter Physical Form

This attribute grants its owner the ability to turn his or her body to stone, to water, or to other physical forms... Go »

Alternate Identities

This attribute allows the character to have one or more alternate identities set up... Go »

Animal Friendship

A character with this attribute has an unusual, instinctive empathy towards animals... Go »


This attribute reflects physical attractiveness... Go »

Art of Distraction

Art of Distraction may represent oratorical ability, innate charisma, or even a beautiful or resonant voice... Go »

Astral Projection

The character can leave his or her real body behind, in a trance or asleep, and travel in the form of a second, ghostly, astral body... Go »


With this attribute, the character is capable of improving the performance of other characters around them... Go »

Connected Portals

This attribute grants the ability to create holes that link two places, like a wormhole in space, allowing matter to pass instanteously through them... Go »


This attribute is sometimes acquired by supernatural creatures, such as vampires, werewolves, flesh-eating zombies who can "pass on their curse" to others, or alien monsters that lay eggs inside their living victims... Go »

Creature Sense

This attribute allows a character to automatically sense when a particular kind of creature is nearby (within five yards)... Go »

Danger Sense

This attribute alerts the character when he or she is about to be harmed... Go »

Dimensional Portal

This attribute allows the opening of a hole or doorway into another "pocket dimension.".. Go »

Discriminatory Smell

This attribute allows a character to remember a specific scent and recognize it later... Go »

Dispel Magic

This attribute grants the character the ability to cancel magical spells and conditions... Go »

Divine Blessing

A character with this attribute is able to bless ordinary items... Go »

Divine Guidance

Characters with this ability are capable of sudden epiphanies showing them the way forward... Go »

Divine Relationship

A character possessing a Divine Relationship has powerful forces acting as his or her guardian, which can beneficially influence the outcome of important events... Go »

Eidetic Memory

Characters with this ability have a "perfect recall" when it comes to information that they've learned... Go »


The character can stretch or contort his or her limbs and/or body to a superhuman degree... Go »

Environmental Control

The character can affect environmental conditions such as light, heat, darkness or weather... Go »

Environmental Resistance

This attribute indicates that the character is protected from hostile environments... Go »

Essence Thief

This powerful attribute lets a character steal elements of another character, such as knowledge and attributes... Go »


A character with this attribute can perform rituals, create charms, or cast spells capable of driving out, binding, or banishing supernatural possessing entities such as demons and ghosts... Go »

Extra Attacks

This attribute reflects the character's ability to move fluidly in combat, delivering multiple blows in the time it takes an unskilled combatant to deliver one... Go »

Extra Limbs

All characters are normally assumed to possess two arms (or similar appendages)... Go »


The character possesses various secondary abilities that grant useful but mundane advantages outside of combat... Go »


A character with Flight can fly through an atmosphere... Go »


Flunkies hang around the character, doing whatever he or she wants and never asking for anything in return... Go »

Force Field

A Force Field is an energy field around the character that protects against incoming attacks... Go »


This attribute allows characters who possess it to converse freely and telepathically with one another... Go »


The Gunslinger attribute allows a character to perform over-the-top feats involving firearms, bows, throwing weapons, or other ranged weapons... Go »


Characters with this Attribute can heal another individual's injuries and, at high levels, repair massive trauma such as lost limbs or organs... Go »


The character is heartier and more resilient to injury than his or her stats would indicate... Go »

Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor represents armor plates or simply skin that is super-resistant to damage... Go »

Heightened Senses

A character with Heightened Senses has one or more senses that have been sharpened to a superhuman level of acuity... Go »


Regardless of the character's stats, she or he possesses a deep reserve of magical power... Go »

Highly Skilled

A character with this attribute is more experienced or better trained than an ordinary person, and as a result has more skill points than an average adult... Go »


When taken with the Magic attribute, allows for the caster to take already-made items and give them magical properties... Go »

Interpersonal Magnet

This attribute allows the character to be attuned to a specific person in aid of finding them... Go »


This attribute makes the character impossible to see... Go »

Iron Grip

The character has such outstanding grip that it's almost impossible for objects to be pried out of his or her hands, or for opponents to break free of a grapple... Go »

Item of Power

This attribute describes any exotic, portable item that directly enhances a character in some way, or one that serves as a useful tool or weapon... Go »


With this attribute, the character can make very high vertical jumps or far horizontal leaps, but cannot actually fly... Go »

Light Armor

Light Armor is armor that is modestly protective (for example, it cannot stop artillery rounds), but is often effective against normal punches, melee weapons, and small-caliber firearms... Go »


A character with the Magic attribute has the ability to manipulate arcane energies to produce a specific set of effects that seemingly defy physical laws... Go »

Master Mixologist

The character with this attribute is a skilled bartender... Go »

Mechanical Genius

The character has an innate knack for creating, modifying, and working with complex machines... Go »


The character can Meld his or her body into a particular object, effectively merging with it... Go »


Physical transformations are a part of many cultures' folklore... Go »

Mind Control

This Attribute allows the character to mentally dominate another individual... Go »

Mind Shield

A character with Mind Shield is protected against mental intrusions... Go »

More Capable

Currently, the three game stats indicate the same level of ability in all aspects of each stat: the Body stat represents all physical aspects, the Mind stat represents all mental aspects, and the Soul stat represents all spiritual and willpower aspects... Go »

Natural Weapons

The character has one or more relatively mundane natural weapons, such as sharp teeth, claws, tentacles, et cetera... Go »

Object Reading

Object reading, also known as psychometry, allows the character to sense details about that object upon making physical contact with it and concentrating for one turn... Go »

Organizational Ties

Organizational Ties represents a character's close relationship with a hierarchy of some sort that grants him or her access to work opportunities, special equipment, respect, and privileges... Go »

Pain Tolerance

Characters with this attribute have the mental fortitude to shrug off pain and keep going... Go »

Perfect Picture

For photographers, this attribute allows one perfect photograph to be taken with a camera... Go »

Personal Gear

This attribute represents a character's access to rare or difficult-to-acquire equipment... Go »

Place of Power

A Place of Power is a "home base" or lair that is infused with magical or holy energies... Go »


The character occasionally has premonitions that foretell a possible event in the future, usually as a warning of approaching danger... Go »

Radar Sense

The character can sense the physical environment around him or her supernaturally well... Go »


The character regains spent Energy Points at a faster rate than normal... Go »


The character can heal himself or herself at a faster rate than normal... Go »


If the character is destroyed, some of his or her essence may well survive... Go »

Resist Illusions

This ability grants such clarity of perception that the character's senses are very difficult to trick... Go »


One of the most valuable attributes in the game, this gives the character the ability to resurrect dead beings... Go »


The character has a servant or companion entity... Go »

Signature Strike

A character with Signature Strike has practiced one particular attack so much that she or he has become powerfully effective with it... Go »

Sixth Sense

The character has the ability to detect things that are hidden to normal senses... Go »

Size Change

This attribute reflects the ability to increase or decrease the stature of the character... Go »


This attribute represents a character's innate ability to stay awake... Go »


A character with this attribute can deliberately slow down their metabolism and other bodily processes such that they are "alive in slow motion.".. Go »

Special Attack

Many superhuman characters wield powerful offensive energies, such as electric zaps, magical fireballs, ki-powered martial arts strikes, or energy swords... Go »

Special Defense

A character with this attribute is resistant to damage from a particular kind of attack, such as fire, metal, or holy... Go »

Special Movement

This attribute is appropriate for some non-human characters, and also for character such as specially-trained martial artists or ninja who may possess exotic abilities that let them perform unusual stunts like running over water... Go »


A character with Speed is faster than his or her body stat indicates... Go »

Speed Reading

Characters with this attribute are capable of reading and understanding text at a rapid pace... Go »

Spirit Communication

This attribute allows the character to commune with the dead... Go »

Spirit Ward

A character with this attribute can create potent spirit wards against demons, ghosts, or other supernatural spirits... Go »

Super Stealth

A character with Super Stealth is harder to detect with sensing abilities... Go »

Super Strength

Some characters are far stronger than their body stat indicates... Go »

Supernatural Disguise

Supernatural Disguise is the ability to alter one's looks without changing one's apparent species... Go »


A character with this attribute can transform into a swarm of small creatures: rats, bats, wasps, crows, or other miscellaneous things, such as tiny monsters... Go »


The character can concentrate on an object and move it without physically touching it... Go »


Telepathy is the classic psionic ability, and characters with traditional ESP will often possess it... Go »


Teleport enables the character to transport himself or herself instantly from place to place without crossing the intervening space... Go »


This is an innate aptitude for linguistics... Go »


This attribute allows a character to transform a non-living object (or set of connected objects, like a worn outfit, or a gun and its ammunition) into something else... Go »


This attribute allows a character to move earth and/or burrow underground... Go »

Unnatural Weapons

A character with this attribute is capable of forming a weapon that isn't there... Go »


This attribute determines what sort of a lifestyle the character can afford... Go »

Weapon Master

The Weapon Master attribute allows a character to perform over-the-top feats involving melee weapons... Go »

Wiki Access

With this attribute, the character has access to information on the Gothic Earth Wiki here on the site, such as in the form of memories or psychic insights... Go »

Body Modification: Alter Physical Form, Appearance, Elasticity, Extra Limbs, Features, Hearty, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Metamorphosis, Natural Weapons, Size Change, Super Strength, Swarm, and Unnatural Weapons

Defensive: Environmental Resistance, Hearty, Heavy Armor, High-Powered, Light Armor, Recharge, Regeneration, Reincarnation, and Special Defense

Environmental: Connected Portals, Environmental Control, Environmental Resistance, Force Field, Meld, Place of Power, and Transmutation

Group-Oriented: Augment, Groupthink, Healing, Interpersonal Magnet, and Resurrection

Holy: Divine Blessing, Divine Guidance, Divine Relationship, Exorcism, Place of Power, Spirit Communication, and Spirit Ward

Magic: Dispel Magic, Imbue, and Magic

Miscellaneous: Ageless, Contamination, Essence Thief, Item of Power, and Sleepless

Movement: Astral Projection, Connected Portals, Dimensional Portal, Flight, Jumping, Slowdown, Special Movement, Speed, Teleport, and Tunneling

Mundane: Alternate Identities, Animal Friendship, Appearance, Art of Distraction, Augment, Extra Attacks, Flunkies, Gunslinger, Hearty, Highly Skilled, Iron Grip, Master Mixologist, Mechanical Genius, More Capable, Organizational Ties, Pain Tolerance, Perfect Picture, Personal Gear, Servant, Signature Strike, Wealth, and Weapon Master

Offensive: Extra Attacks, Gunslinger, Natural Weapons, Signature Strike, Special Attack, Unnatural Weapons, and Weapon Master

Perception: Creature Sense, Discriminatory Smell, Eidetic Memory, Heightened Senses, Radar Sense, Sixth Sense, and Speed Reading

Psychic: Creature Sense, Danger Sense, Divine Guidance, Groupthink, Mind Control, Mind Shield, Object Reading, Precognition, Resist Illusions, Sixth Sense, Spirit Communication, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Wiki Access

Rogue: Alternate Identities, Invisibility, Super Stealth, and Supernatural Disguise

Social: Animal Friendship, Appearance, Art of Distraction, Augment, Groupthink, Organizational Ties, Spirit Communication, and Tongues