These isolated game sessions take place in the same world as the primary game, but involve different characters and stories. See the Storyline for the main plot.

The Most Dangerous Game

game session #12
played on October 24, 2009

Awakening on an island off of Florida's gulf coast that was home to an abandoned Civil War-era naval fort, five strangers discovered that their passenger ship had sunk and they were now the prey of a mad Russian named Zadoff who hunted humans for sport. With a distraction from Delilah the courtesan, the team defeated Zadoff's manservant Ivan, and Nell the nurse discovered machine gears inside his body. Thorwald the thief helped them break into the lighthouse, but they had to fend off Ivan a second time, and Joseph the soldier took a nasty fall from the fortress's roof. This time, the group seized upon the idea of using Ivan's enchanted jewelry with the power to control the elements. They defeated him a third time and acquired a third key, giving them access to the underground cistern. Annabelle the field guide attacked Zadoff with his own wooden furniture, defeating him soundly. The group found a Civil War ironclad submerged in a getaway tunnel and used it to escape to safety, keeping their enchanted jewelry. (more detail)

in attendance:
Aaron Shurtleff as Joseph Clayton
Amy Austin as Delilah Greenfield
Jackie Mason as Nell Cunningham
Kelly Hardie as Annabelle McDowell
Matthew Preston as Thorwald LaRue


game session #24
played on January 27, 2010

In a quest to be the first explorer to reach the North Pole, famous Swedish adventurer Greta Nordahl commissioned an expedition by hot-air balloon that would traverse the frozen Arctic. Guided by her young navigator Arvid Liedholm and assisted by grizzled manservant Olaf Gren, Nordahl set out in the balloon, but it was quickly discovered to be leaking air and carrying too much weight. The trio made a series of attempts to drop needless weight, but lost the ability to steer in the process, and crash somewhere in the Arctic Circle, with no choice but to walk hundreds of miles home. Arvid's fatigue-induced hallucinations and Greta's admission of overconfidence despite known dangers made their journey harder. After Olaf spared a baby polar bear, its father came to their rescue: A talking beast named Iorek who explained that his race, the panserbjørne, hid this far north from humans. In exchange for the golden meteorite they had found, Iorek showed them the currents that would carry them home. (more detail)

in attendance:
• Dana Whitcomb as Greta Nordahl
• Jon Schiller as Arvid Liedholm
Kelly Hardie as Olaf Gren

Old Respects and Ancient Friendships

game session #39
played on June 21, 2010

In the summer of 1692, rumors of witchcraft disturbed the village of Salem. The lawyer Philip English arrived to find his missing niece, and gained the help of a trio of good-natured witches. Martha Corey and Sarah Good, joined by new member Rebecca Good, explained that they were members of the Circle, a secret society that used magic to protect humans from harm. They looked for their missing friend Sarah Osburn, discovering in her journal that a creature named Zemlak from a realm called Ravenloft wielded influence over the town. After defeating a slave who worshipped Zemlak and attacked them, they turned the woman over to her owner Samuel Parris, town reverend and leader of the Circle. Following the missing teenager's trail into the woods, they defeated a will-o'-the-wisp, and found the girl and the corpse of Sarah Osburn tied up in an occult ritual. Suddenly, the police bore down on them and arrested them for witchcraft and related crimes. (more detail)

in attendance:
Aaron Shurtleff as Rebecca Nurse
Kelly Hardie as Martha Corey
Nathan Quam as Philip English
Raquel Hartzell as Sarah Good

Malleus Maleficarum

game session #40
played on June 28, 2010

Dragged before a judge, Philip English reluctantly bowed to pressure and agreed to prosecute Martha Corey, Sarah Good, and Rebecca Nurse for witchcraft. They prepared their cases separately, the women seeking evidence of their alibis, and Philip looking for a way to divert suspicion to someone else without seeming to. The women used an invokation to erase Philip's memories of their earlier spell-casting, making it harder for him to argue effectively. After a long day of examining witnesses on the stand, the group retired to their cells, where the astral projection of Sarah Osburn helped them deduce that Zemlak, in the guise of Samuel Parris, was behind it all. Freed of their physical bodies, they hurried to Parris's basement, finding the demon Zemlak in his lair. The witches succeeded in sealing him in an unbreakable magic trap, but not before suffering magical injuries. Though Zemlak was contained and the town was safe at last, they were trapped on the astral plane forever. (more detail)

in attendance:
Aaron Shurtleff as Rebecca Nurse
Kelly Hardie as Martha Corey
Nathan Quam as Philip English
Raquel Hartzell as Sarah Good


game session #51
played on October 15, 2010

Mystic Sylvia Seybert, scientist Ella Hashagen, priest Conover Larkin, and mysterious Wiley Tibbetts were hired to exorcise a ghost from a haunted mansion in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The more rooms they explored, the more they learned about the convoluted secrets of the Van Laaden family, and the more attacks they suffered, from a wheelchair that tried to shove Sylvia down the stairs to kitchen knives that flung themselves at Ella. Sylvia soon deduced that wood was the common element in their paranormal experiences, and hints in the family history directed their attention to the massive oak mantle running through three rooms, imported a century earlier from Scotland. When they attacked it, they were nearly killed in a violent telekinetic counter-attack, but they managed to draw out Gwenc'hlan, an evil druid once melded to the oak tree by the wizard Merlin. Removed from physical contact with the wood in the house, the villain was easily defeated and set on fire by Father Larkin, and the Van Laaden home was at peace at last.

in attendance:
Denise Sawicki as Wiley Tibbetts
Kelly Hardie as Sylvia Seybert
Matthew Preston as Ella Hashagen
Steve West as Conover Larkin


game session #78
played on October 14, 2011

Several agents of Die Vächtern convened in Paris: Occult expert Renee Dumont, assassin Martina Von Rank, explosives expert Pierre Bouchez, and smooth-talking team leader Luther Schumacher. Informed that someone calling himself 'the Phantom' had threatened to attack the audience attending that evening's performance of Faust at Palais Garnier, the city's premiere opera house, they sprung into action. Pierre's clever plan with a staff jumpsuit got them backstage, where they learned of a young ingenue poisoning the prima donna with the phantom's help. In the flooded underground tunnels below the building, Luther devised their escape from a sinking cage. They tracked the phantom underground to Notre Dame, where they learned that he was Quasimoto, the disfigured bell-ringer. As he taunted them from a rainy rooftop perch, seeking to be punished for his sins, the group debated the morality of killing a helpless man, until Martina ended the debate by shooting him down. Die Vächtern rewarded them handsomely, but seemed bothered that Quasimoto turned out not to have any supernatural powers after all.

in attendance:
Chris Lemler as Martina Von Rank
Joanna Woods as Renee Dumont
Justin Woods as Pierre Bouchez
Kelly Hardie as Luther Schumacher

The Wind Cries Maria

game session #93
played on March 26, 2012

Businessman Félix Benítez drove into a Puerto Rican village just as a mob was forming outside the brothel owned by Isabel Oppenheimer. The townspeople blamed her den of sin for causing children to disappear around town for the last few days. Félix and Isabel pledged their help to the distraught mother of a missing boy. Rumors around town said that crying was heard just before the children were taken, leading to fears of La Llorona, a weeping ghost searching for her missing children. When they came upon an exsanguinated dog, Isabel and Félix began to suspect that the chubacabra, a notorious "goat-sucker" was involved. Following a ghost on the beach, they learned that the school was in trouble, which led them to a confrontation with the monster itself, a quill-covered lizard who tried to bite Isabel's neck. When Félix tracked it to the lighthouse, they managed to shoot it to death, just before it could break into the childrens' hiding place inside. They said that a crying woman had led them to this safe place. The village forgave Isabel because she found their children, while Félix took the chubacapra's corpse for a sideshow exhibit that would make him richer.

in attendance:
Evie Totty as Isabel Oppenheimer
Kelly Hardie as Félix Benítez


game session #145
played on June 9, 2014
audio recording

Zurich police officers Caponi, Flageolet, and Dugommier worked with medical examiner Mädchen to investigate a skinned corpse found in a hotel room. Strange occult symbols on its chest indicated an occult ritual killing, but the severed penis indicated a sex crime. They learned that he was a German professor, Grossmann, studying local history and had offended a local aristocrat, Lady LeDuece. When they went to talk to his assistant, they found her dead of bloodletting right next to the previous crime scene, left in the pose of an ancient diety. They went to talk to her research partner at the local university, and interrupted her suicide attempt. The young woman spoke of being raped by cultists with the faces of lions and said that she was carrying their seed. The sorority head directed them to the chemistry department, where their advisor Dr. Scholl denied knowing anything but didn't guard his lab drugs closely. Two previous sisters in the same sorority, studying the same major, had committed suicide after claiming similar rapes. Another man's skinned body was found in the woods, this one with signs of dying during intercourse, and the badge of French agent Sagesse la Roque was found on the scene. Suspecting Lady LeDuece's involvement since it happened on her land, they questioned her staff and learned of her wild sex life and interest in landing a suitable husband, and handsome detective Flageolet made a date with her.

in attendance:
Amanda Ross Bryant as Philippe Dugommier
Jeff Coopes as Leonce Caponi
Kelly Hardie as Wilhelm Mädchen
Wes Bryant as Simon Flageolet


game session #150
played on August 18, 2014
audio recording

Residents of Tombstone were disturbed when a visiting preacher called Gallatin claimed to be the son of God and made rain fall in the desert town. When the local priest collapsed of a heart attack, they grew alarmed, and the sheriff forced Gallatin to stop his public speaking. Gallatin announced that he would perform a miracle down at the river later that day. The townspeople went about their business but witnessed more supposed holy events like water becoming wine and a gold nugget appearing in a chicken. A priest named "Eldritch" arrived in town saying that he had been trying to catch this false prophet. At the river, Gallatin seemed to walk on water, earning the town's donations for his continued travels to spread his gospel. Back in town, they found the bank robbed, but a shot rang out and Gallatin collapsed in the street. The priest, now going by his full name Aidan Eldritch Kane, disclosed that he was on assignment from the Vatican to stop dangerous men like Gallatin, who had robbed the town and tricked them with illusions. When Kane insisted that "God slew this man," the sheriff held him for questioning.

in attendance:
Aaron Shurtleff as Quincy
Amanda Ross Bryant as Orson
Evie Totty as Nina Kendall
Jeff Coopes as Elliott Gill
Jeremiah Poisson as Vinnie Farmer
Kelly Hardie as Jake Birch
Wes Bryant as Kate O'Malley


game session #216
played on March 14, 2018
audio recording

Five priests were assigned by the San Francisco archdiocese to investigate and exorcise the spirit of a pedophile spotted in a suburb. They investigated and found the room where he died missing, as if someone had cut it from the house. They found the same when looking into another house nearby where a murder-suicide had occurred; the kitchen was removed. An elderly neighbor told them about all kinds of tragic deaths in the area, and that a company named Wirtsbane Holdings had bought all of the houses just before the deadly rooms were removed. The priests learned that Wirtsbane was owned by a Mrs. Sarah Winchester of Santa Clara, whose own house was considered evil by the community, a house that had kept growing and sprawling over the years. They managed to get inside, but found themselves beset by violent spirits, who attacked them with axes and meat cleavers and poison and nooses and fire and other deadly weapons. When they tried to break out, the house itself attacked them. Each time one died, they could feel the house rumble and shake, and a new room materialized. When the last surviving priest entered a room with the widow Winchester, he found her cutting out Elise LeBlanc's Weekly Curiosity articles and tacking them to walls. She handed him the newspaper, where he read his own obituary, citing his death by fright.

in attendance:
Aaron Shurtleff as Father Dougal Rule
Evie Totty as Father Reynaldo "Rey" Estrada
Jeff Coopes as Father Lucas Riordan
Kelly Hardie as Father Warner Bland
Wes Bryant as Father Christopher Martin