book, paper cover: Bible

boxer shorts: underwear for men

briefcase: custom-built, shaped like a cross, with shoulder straps

bullets, rifle (46): Blessed by himself, held in the right arm of the cross


candle: candle from priest's kit, 80% remaining

cassock: priest's robe and collar

cloak, light: a lightweight cloak with a hood, used to conceal one's identity

club bag

crucifix: large (12"), kept on beaded string

garlic necklace: handmade

gunsmith's kit: lightweight kit used for cleaning, repair, and maintenance of guns. It is held in the left arm of the cross.

matches (24)

mirror, hand-held

Monk Hall dungeon keys


priest's kit: includes chalice, pyx, crucifix, 2 candlesticks, 4 bottles for water & wine, sprinkler, oil stock, stole, altar linens


shoes (2)

socks (2)

stakes, wooden (4): for tent assembly, and other purposes

vial: small glass vial for holy water


wolfsbane: one flower, dried