level 5, +2 to Art of Distraction; +5 to social skills Go »

Art of Distraction

level 4, distract up to 50 individuals, or motivate 50% of audience Go »


level 1, +10hp Go »


level 2, only clothing Go »

Mind Control

level 3, Only works on men Go »

Mind Shield

level 2, +4 bonus to resist mental attacks Go »

More Capable

level 2, +2 to intuition checks, especially about people's intentions Go »

Organizational Ties

level 1, many rich men were secretly her clients Go »


level 2 Go »


level 4, only humans Go »

Qiu Jin

Body 4, Mind 4, Soul 4, AV 4, DV 2, 40 HP

Appearance L3: +3 to social skills (seduction)
Healing L3: heals 6 HP/minute, up to 60 HP at a time
Super Strength L2: Can lift 2 tons (a car). Damage increased by 20 points. +6 to strength checks.
Natural Weapons L1: Sharp teeth +2 points damage
Foreign Culture L1: China
Seduction L2: +3 from appearance
Stealth: L2
Unarmed Defense: L5
Unarmed Attack: L5
Addiction L1: addicted to sex
Discrimination L1: Chinese
Less Capable L1: does not understand complicated or colloquial English
Simply Irresistible L1: men lust for her exotic beauty
bite, 24 damage, 9 or less to hit
punck/kick, 22 damage, 9 or less to hit