45 base points
+1 for picture
+2 for Glory Hound (2x1)
+1 for Under Surveillance (1x1)
+1 for devising a safe way to escape from the cage (Globe Theatre)
+1 for discovering the fire pit pentagram (The Devil Among Us)
+1 for using paper to discover what the zombie was writing (Dead Again)
+1 for attacking the serpent (Knightshade)
+1 for tending to Allan Quatermain (Beasts of Every Land and Clime)
+1 for seeking information about Montgomery (Fangs)
+1 for clever escape from the thieves (For We are Many)
+1 for helping Simon Mumford's soul to rest (Sole Survivor)
+1 for driving away the alligator at the submerged carriage (Bayou Blues)
+1 for creative work on the voodoo doll (Pins and Needles)
+1 for role-playing (La Grande Zombi)
+1 for asking good questions about the haunting (Ambuscade)
+1 for rescuing Gao (Oneirocritica)
+1 for befriending Ratboy (Phantoms)
+1 for writing the majority of the song lyrics (To Catch a Thief)
+1 for role-playing (The Credible Kamlesh)
+1 for experimenting with the false wall next to the science lab (Enlightenment)
+1 for deducing the way out of the Tree of Life (Fin.)
+1 for pursuing a cure for his zombification (Flotsam)
+1 for clearing a way past the swarm of rats (The American Dream)
+1 as bonus for 100th game session (Auribus Teneo Lupum)
+1 for rescuing Elijah from the lions (Crossing the Rubicon)
+1 for resolving the group's disagreement over four assassinations (They Tell Me You are Wicked and I Believe Them)
+1 for evading the snipers (Beasts of Burden)
+1 for teamwork in defeating Zackaari (Dies Irae)
+1 for rescuing Wilhelmina Jacobson (Wild West)
+1 for finding the only way to "eliminate" the Wizard (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
+1 for taking Clementine Grose's form as a ruse (Is That Your Final Answer?)
+1 for getting the group inside Dorus Noel's flat (Patience)
+1 for brokering a deal with Mortimer Toombs (Venom)
+1 for providing disguises (Room Service)
+1 in Dr. Caligari's laboratory (Polymorphic Recursion)
+1 for rescuing the group from space (Horror Vacui)
+1 for devising a way to navigate through the disorientation (Rush)
+1 for handcuffing himself to Sagesse (Dead of Winter)
+1 for questioning the police officer (Missing Persons)
+1 for role-playing Caleb's grief (Predestination)
+1 for escaping from the hangman's noose tree (Reservations)
+1 for pointing out the benefits of having Melchitt before facing Coetlicrota (Help Me Sister)
+1 for giving the zombie of Eric Sheppard a merciful death (Terribilis est locus iste)
+1 for destroying Coetlicrota the Undying (Meltdown)
+1 for resetting Noname (A Dim-Remembered Story of the Old Time Entombed)
+1 for reacting peacefully to the Atlantian searching him (Critical Hits)
+1 for staying incognito as Kamlesh Patel (Let's Kill Dracula)
+1 for going along with the Vistani carnival quickly (Major Arcana)
+1 for talking to Ismark Kolyana (Blood on the Vine)
+1 for focusing on Fantômas's bomb (Up the Down Staircase)
+1 for flipping the hourglass to reset the trap (Tomb Raiders)
+1 for leading the group forward when it stalled (Life and Mettle in Their Heels)
+1 for slaying Dracula (Defanged)
+1 for investigating the group's enemy (The One Who Comes in Peace)
+1 for role-playing during the party (Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust)
+1 for realizing Imhotep's true agenda (Obedience or Oblivion)
+1 for solving the truth/lie puzzle (Nature Breaks Through)
+1 as bonus for 200th game session (There is Only Death)
+1 for arguing a reasonable case for killing Machiavelli (Postponing War)
+1 for finding Michelangelo (The Enemy Within)
+1 for suggesting Wilhelmina Jacobson (The Mediator Between Head and Hands)
+1 for successfully countering most accusations (Trial of the Turn of the Century)
+1 for clever closing remarks (The Shoemaker)
+1 for seeking out the prison records room (Parole)
+1 for keeping the group on track during the search through town (The Rightly Guided)
+1 for using stone form to avoid traps in the pyramid (Alexandria Night)
+1 for trying to distract Haddo by threatening Zemlak's heart (Tachycardia)
+1 for seeking out Georges Méliès (Across the Gulf of Space)
+1 for surveillance and caution (People of Earth)
+1 for defeating Matai Shang (Red Planet)
+1 for starting a shared document of all numbers (To Be at Home Again)
+1 for seeking and recording more numbers (Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past)
+1 for keeping the group on track (The Wicked Lives We Have Lived)
+1 for various suggestions about cardinal directions (You Might Find Something to Amuse You)
+1 for using math to guide the party (The Heart of an Immense Darkness)
+1 for plotting the group's progress forward (We Shall Never Be Again as We Were)
+1 for guiding Elise through the house (Each in Its Ordered Place)
+1 for guiding Elise through the house (Level Sands Stretch Far Away)
+1 for defeating Imhotep and the Red Death (Life, Joy, Empire, and Victory)
+1 for restoring the universe (To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and Not to Yield)
+179 for attendance
+63 catchup points
+0 for chapter reports
=368 total points

123 points for stats (1/3 of 368)
-1 for Body 1
-2 for Body 2
-3 for Body 3
-4 for Body 4
-5 for Body 5
-6 for Body 6
-7 for Body 7
-8 for Body 8
-9 for Body 9
-1 for Mind 1
-2 for Mind 2
-3 for Mind 3
-4 for Mind 4
-5 for Mind 5
-6 for Mind 6
-7 for Mind 7
-8 for Mind 8
-1 for Soul 1
-2 for Soul 2
-3 for Soul 3
-4 for Soul 4
-5 for Soul 5
-6 for Soul 6
-7 for Soul 7
=14 remaining points for stats

123 points for attributes (1/3 of 368)
-6 for Alter Physical Form (2x3)
-3 for Appearance (3x1)
-3 for Art of Distraction (3x1)
-18 for Divine Guidance (6x3)
-2 for Eidetic Memory (1x2)
-6 for Elasticity (2x3)
-2 for Environmental Resistance (2x1)
-1 for Features (1x1)
-4 for Groupthink (2x2)
-3 for Healing (1x3)
-8 for Hearty (4x2)
-4 for Highly Skilled (2x2)
-4 for Mechanical Genius (2x2)
-12 for Mind Control (3x2+6)
-18 for Regeneration (6x3)
-12 for Reincarnation (4x3)
-6 for Signature Strike (2x3)
-4 for Speed Reading (2x2)
=7 remaining points for attributes

122 points for skills (1/3 of 368)
+10 for Highly Skilled
-1 for Acrobatics (1x1)
-1 for specialization Flexibility
-4 for Burglary (2x2)
-1 for specialization Safe Cracking
-2 for Controlled Breathing (2x1)
-1 for specialization Holding Breath
-2 for Cooking (2x1)
-6 for Escape (3x2)
-4 for Interrogation (2x2)
-3 for Languages (1x3)
-1 for specialization German
-2 for Lifting (2x1)
-9 for Mechanics (3x3)
-12 for Melee Attack (6x2)
-2 for specializations Sword, Whip/Chain
-12 for Melee Defense (6x2)
-4 for Performing Arts (2x2)
-2 for Persuasion (2x1)
-6 for Sleight of Hand (3x2)
-1 for specialization Lock Picking
-4 for Stealth (2x2)
-1 for specialization Concealment
-2 for Swimming (1x2)
-3 for Unarmed Attack (3x1)
-3 for Unarmed Defense (3x1)
=43 remaining points for skills