9 8 7 8 6 24 120 $4.95
Alter Physical Form (2): stone form: -10d when hit, -2 on combat rolls, can't run, 1 turn to transform
Appearance (3)
Art of Distraction (3): distract 1-10 individuals, or motivate 20% of audience
Divine Guidance (4): receive a four-word hint per game session
Eidetic Memory (1): text and numbers
Elasticity (2)
Environmental Resistance (2): toxins, radioactivity, dust, smoke, germs, vacuum
Features (1): night vision
Groupthink (2)
Healing (1): heals 2hp per turn
Hearty (4): +30 HP
Highly Skilled (2): high school graduate
Mechanical Genius (2): build/repair machines at 5x normal speed
Mind Control (3): give complex aggressive orders to 1 person, or simple non-aggressive orders to up to 6 people, or erase brief memories
Regeneration (6): heals 1/5 of total HP per round, or all within 1 minute, while active
Reincarnation (4)
Signature Strike (2): +20 damage with sword, Soul check to continue fighting
Speed Reading (2): read a novel in 1hr, gain +2 to research rolls
Glory Hound (2)
Under Surveillance (1): recognized everywhere

cane sword, 12 damage, roll 12 or less
iron short sword, 10 damage, roll 12 or less
iron dagger, 7 damage, roll 11 or less
flintlock, 6 damage, roll 6 or less (needs ammo)
punch/kick, 2 damage, roll 9 or less
Acrobatics (1): Flexibility (can dislocate joints)
Burglary (2): Safe Cracking
Controlled Breathing (2): Holding Breath
Cooking (2)
Escape (3)
Interrogation (2)
Languages (1): German
Lifting (2)
Mechanics (3)
Melee Attack (6): Sword, Whip/Chain
Melee Defense (6)
Performing Arts (2)
Persuasion (2)
Sleight of Hand (3): Lock Picking
Stealth (2): Concealment
Swimming (1)
Unarmed Attack (3)
Unarmed Defense (3)

Caleb Lonergan
alcohol: used for lantern fuel, not drinking
backpack (2)
bag of leftovers: from Cairo feast
beef jerky strips (8)
bone (for dog to chew) (5)
bottle of cologne
boxer shorts
bread: one loaf
breathe underwater potion: lasts 5 minutes
candy (10)
cane sword (broken): looks like walking cane, blessed, did 12 damage before blade broke
crucifix: large (12"), kept on beaded string
damaged voodoo doll of self
deck of cards: magical qualities unknown
dynamite (sticks) (3)
enchanted rope: unknown magical properties
fake La Lumière ring
flintlock, antique: 6 damage, no bullets
gloves (2): brown
gold coins (5): taken from Machiavelli
 healing potion: 100% of hp restored, one dose
healing potion: restores full HP
Indian costume
iron dagger: 7 damage
iron short sword: blessed, 10 damage
La Lumière silver ring
liquor: bottle of hard liquor
marbles (23): sticky
matches (25)
medical tablet: taken from Ras Thavas's lab
metal bowl: for camping
nail clippers
obsidian shards (2): each about the size of a nail, can be used to pick locks
photographic plate: undeveloped, shows Caleb on grounds of LeDuece estate
playing cards, deck: 52 cards in 4 suits
portal stone to Manor
resurrection potion: use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient
rope toy (for dog to chew) (2)
schematics: Anti-Alchemist, recreated from memory
scroll: "Heal" spell, restores all HP, one time use
scrolls: one-time use: Heal, Resurrect, Restore
shoes (2)
silver amulet: turns wearer into stranger
small barrel of jerky
socks (2)
spellbook: belonged to Clementine Grose
spirit resistance ward: resist contact/harm from spirits at +4
stakes, wooden (12): blessed
Sunsword: 12 burning damage, +50 damage vs vampires, glowing
sword: virtually weightless, 15 damage, creates gusts of wind (knockdown)
timing mechanism: taken from bomb
vials of holy water
Viking shield
voodoo doll: enhanced to protect Caleb
wire: 50' coil
Zemlak's heart
zombie ritual staff