Italicized items are kept at the Manor.

Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 5 bullets remaining



blankets (2): lightweight

blunderbuss: blessed

boots, cowboy (2)

bottles of Hogue whiskey (3)

bottles of scotch: down to one-quarter

boxer shorts

bullets, blunderbuss (enhanced) (17): Deke only, blessed

bullets, rifle (64): blessed

Caligari's notebook

canteen: empty

cape: black & red, taken from Lord Ruthven

cross: hand-sized

dynamite (sticks)

Freddie Sykes's journal

gas masks (2): made by Deke, works for 3 turns

gloves, work (2)

gunsmith's kit: lightweight; for cleaning, repair, maintenance

guycut chain rifle: blessed

handcuffs: steel, double-lock (each cuff can be locked separately), includes 1 key

harmonica: blessed

hat, ten-gallon

holster (2)

jars of magic components (3): maresweat, snake rattle, leg of spider

kite: freezes time very briefly when charged

lantern (2): roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars (requires purchase of alcohol)

le peau de chagrin: hidden in Marmaduke's book

letter from Cpt. Calhoun to Pvt. Gill

machete: 10 damage

matches (15)

morphine syrup (3): 3 doses left

mummy head

mummy head



picture frame: gilded trim

portal stone to Manor

puppet: wooden boy on strings, in steamer trunk

Ravenloft outfit


reinforced gong: can be worn on back

rifle, lever action: unconcealable, 20 damage, blessed

rolled-up painting

rope, 100' length

rope, 25' length

rotted moldy outfit in small knapsack: property of Freddie Sykes, exposed to Sica Hollow environment too long


silverware sets (10): from Dracula's castle

socks (2)


tent: fits one, comes w/ 4 wooden stakes

torn diary pages: by Gertruda (Mad Mary's daughter)


vial: empty


zombie eyeball