7 8 9 8 6 20 100 $36.00
Appearance (1)
Environmental Resistance (2): toxins, radioactivity, dust, smoke, germs, vacuum
Features (1): Night vision
Force Field (2): shield for Deke, reflects projectiles, visible black aura (faint sheen in dark), unstable in vacuum, 60 pts
Groupthink (1): Mind check required if not in visual range
Gunslinger (4): Dead Eye, Steady, Portable Armory, Lightning Draw
Hearty (2): +20hp
Heightened Senses (2): Sight, Sound
Highly Skilled (1): +5 skill points
Iron Grip (2): grips at +2
Item of Power (5): chain rifle and blunderbuss and harmonica
Light Armor (6): Thick leather overcoat, head/neck unprotected
Mind Shield (2): +4 to resist mental attacks
Organizational Ties (6): Head of International Thieves Guild
Personal Gear (2): rifle, pistol, bullets, kit
Radar Sense (5)
Regeneration (1): 1/rnd or 5/min, resting
Reincarnation (2)
Resist Illusions (3): Soul+3
Signature Strike (1): +10 damage to rifle attacks (sharpshooting)
Sixth Sense (2): Sense Truth, Sense Surveillance
Special Defense (1): ICE.
Speed (2)
Telepathy (6): only with humanoids
Teleport (1)
Wealth (1): make one large purchase up to $10 per game session
Weapon Master (1): Concealment
Addiction (2): Alcoholism
Marked (1): scar on crown of head
Nemesis (2): Freddie Sykes
No Family (2)
PTSD (2): When Deke encounters large battles (ie a war battle) or is ambushed, uncontrollable rage triggered
Recurring Nightmares (2): nightmares of being haunted by the people I have killed
Wanted (1)

rifle, 30 damage, roll 12 or less
army pistol, 12 damage, roll 12 or less
punch/kick, 2 damage, roll 12 or less
machete, 10 damage, roll 8 or less
Guycot Chain Rifle, 50 damage, r12, 3 per turn, Vampiric L2 (40 dmg with silencer)
Customized Top-Loading Blunderbuss: r12, 1 turn to reload, 10 ft range

Item of Power
Harmonica - playing resurrects the dead (5 attr)

French Guycot Chain Rifle - Extra Attack L1 (5 attr), Special Attack 2 (6 attr)
Vampiric (-10)
--With Silencer: Undetectable (-10, hidden smoke/sound only)

Customized Top-Loading Blunderbuss with custom ammo - Special attack 3 (9 attr)
ALL TYPES: Base (+18), SA3 (+30)
--Default ammo: 38 dmg, Knockback (-5), Spreading (-5, -1 defend)
--Smoke ammo: no damage, flare, enduring area effect
--Hot Sauce ammo: 28d, Spreading (-5, -1 defend), Irritant (-5, -2 all checks, dice diff)
--Splinter shot: 38d, Knockback (-5), Spreading (-5, -1 defend)
--Holy: 28d, knock spread (2x undead)
--Tranq: 0d, Incapacitating (tranquilize), Drain Mind
--Paralyze: 0, Incpacitating (paralyze), Drain Body
--Light Ammo TBD

Area Knowledge (2): Arizona, Paris
Burglary (2)
Climbing (5)
Controlled Breathing (2)
Demolitions (1)
Escape (2)
Firearms (6)
Forgery (1)
Intimidation (6) (comes from Deke's portable armory)
Languages (1): French, Spanish
Mechanics (4): Gunsmith
Melee Attack (1)
Melee Defense (1): Shield
Military Sciences (1)
Music (1)
Persuasion (5)
Riding (1)
Stealth (6)
Swimming (2)
Unarmed Attack (5)
Unarmed Defense (6)
Urban Tracking (3)
Wilderness Survival (1)
Wilderness Tracking (1): Forest

Deke Bishop
Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 5 bullets remaining
blunderbuss: blessed
boots, cowboy (2)
bottles of Hogue whiskey (3)
bottles of scotch: down to one-quarter
boxer shorts
bullets, blunderbuss (enhanced) (17): Deke only, blessed
bullets, rifle (64): blessed
cape: black & red, taken from Lord Ruthven
dynamite (sticks)
gloves, work (2)
gunsmith's kit: lightweight; for cleaning, repair, maintenance
 guycut chain rifle: blessed
harmonica: blessed
hat, ten-gallon
holster (2)
kite: freezes time very briefly when charged
lantern (2): roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars (requires purchase of alcohol)
machete: 10 damage
matches (15)
mummy head
mummy head
picture frame: gilded trim
 portal stone to Manor
reinforced gong: can be worn on back
rifle, lever action: unconcealable, 20 damage, blessed
rope, 100' length
socks (2)
tent: fits one, comes w/ 4 wooden stakes
zombie eyeball