7 9 9 8 6 20 100 $19.90
Appearance (1)
Environmental Resistance (2): toxins, radioactivity, dust, smoke, germs, vacuum
Features (1): Night vision
Force Field (2)
Groupthink (1): Mind check required if not in visual range
Gunslinger (4): Dead Eye, Steady, Portable Armory, Lightning Draw
Hearty (2): +20hp
Heightened Senses (2): Sight, Sound
Highly Skilled (1): +5 skill points
Iron Grip (2): grips at +2
Item of Power (5): chain rifle and blunderbuss and harmonica
Light Armor (6): Thick leather overcoat, head/neck unprotected
Mind Shield (2): +4 to resist mental attacks
Organizational Ties (6): Head of International Thieves Guild
Personal Gear (2): rifle, pistol, bullets, kit
Radar Sense (5)
Regeneration (1): 1/rnd or 5/min, resting
Reincarnation (2)
Resist Illusions (3): Soul+3
Servant (3): Marmaduke
Signature Strike (1): +10 damage to rifle attacks (sharpshooting)
Sixth Sense (2): Sense Truth, Sense Surveillance
Special Defense (1): ICE.
Speed (2)
Telepathy (6): only with humanoids
Teleport (1)
Wealth (1): make one large purchase up to $10 per game session
Weapon Master (1): Concealment
Addiction (2): Alcoholism
Marked (1): scar on crown of head
Nemesis (2): Freddie Sykes
No Family (2)
PTSD (2): When Deke encounters large battles (ie a war battle) or is ambushed, uncontrollable rage triggered
Recurring Nightmares (2): nightmares of being haunted by the people I have killed
Wanted (1)

rifle, 30 damage, roll 12 or less
army pistol, 12 damage, roll 12 or less
punch/kick, 2 damage, roll 12 or less
machete, 10 damage, roll 8 or less
Guycot Chain Rifle, 50 damage, r12, 3 per turn, Vampiric L2 (40 dmg with silencer)
Customized Top-Loading Blunderbuss: r12, 1 turn to reload, 10 ft range

Item of Power
Harmonica - playing resurrects the dead (5 attr)

French Guycot Chain Rifle - Extra Attack L1 (5 attr), Special Attack 2 (6 attr)
Vampiric (-10)
--With Silencer: Undetectable (-10, hidden smoke/sound only)

Customized Top-Loading Blunderbuss with custom ammo - Special attack 3 (9 attr)
ALL TYPES: Base (+18), SA3 (+30)
--Default ammo: 38 dmg, Knockback (-5), Spreading (-5, -1 defend)
--Smoke ammo: no damage, flare, enduring area effect
--Hot Sauce ammo: 28d, Spreading (-5, -1 defend), Irritant (-5, -2 all checks, dice diff)
--Splinter shot: 38d, Knockback (-5), Spreading (-5, -1 defend)
--Holy: 28d, knock spread (2x undead)
--Tranq: 0d, Incapacitating (tranquilize), Drain Mind
--Paralyze: 0, Incpacitating (paralyze), Drain Body
--Speedball: random chance to cause heart attack or to super-charge victim
--Light Ammo TBD

Acrobatics (6)
Area Knowledge (2): Arizona, Paris
Burglary (2)
Climbing (6): Walls
Controlled Breathing (2)
Demolitions (1)
Escape (2)
Firearms (6)
Forgery (1)
Intimidation (6) (by portable armory)
Languages (1): French, Spanish
Mechanics (4): Gunsmith
Melee Attack (1)
Melee Defense (1): Shield
Military Sciences (1)
Music (1)
Navigation (1)
Persuasion (5)
Riding (1)
Stealth (6)
Swimming (2)
Unarmed Attack (5)
Unarmed Defense (6)
Urban Tracking (3)
Wilderness Survival (1)
Wilderness Tracking (1): Forest

Force Fields
shield for Deke only
reflects projectiles
visible black aura (faint sheen in dark)
unstable in vacuum
60 pts

Deke Bishop
Apache gun: 10 damage, custom-made, 5 bullets remaining
blunderbuss: blessed
boots, cowboy (2)
bottles of Hogue whiskey (3)
bottles of scotch: down to one-quarter
boxer shorts
bullets, blunderbuss (enhanced) (47): Deke only, blessed
bullets, rifle (60): blessed
cape: black & red, taken from Lord Ruthven
captured mi-go: wrapped in sheet
chest, small: empty
Cthulhu newspaper: 12/31/1899 issue of London Times
gas masks (2): made by Deke, works for 3 turns
gloves, work (2)
gold coins (3): symbols on them, acquired from Darusha
 gunsmith's kit: lightweight; for cleaning, repair, maintenance
guycut chain rifle: blessed
harmonica: blessed
hat, ten-gallon
healing potion: restores all HP
healing potion: restores full HP
healing potion: restores full HP
holster (2)
kite: freezes time very briefly when charged
lantern (2): roll for each use, run out of alcohol on boxcars (requires purchase of alcohol)
laser rifle: 35 damage
machete: 10 damage
matches (15)
Mortimer Toombs's business card
 picture frame: gilded trim
portal stone to Manor
reinforced gong: can be worn on back
resurrection potion: use within 5 minutes, requires Soul check by recipient
rifle, lever action: unconcealable, 20 damage, blessed
rope, 100' length
socks (2)
tent: fits one, comes w/ 4 wooden stakes
wine, fancy (bottles) (2)
zombie eyeball